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The Customer Information Screen is where all contact information is captured for each proposal. The customer name is selected at the Dashboard when the New Project screen appears.

The Contact screen is divided into three basic information panels:
1) Left Side - information search, addition, results
2) Center Panel - contact information drop area for each proposal/job/quote
3) Right Side - information update/edit and notes area

When the Contact screen first opens, the selected customer entity is already listed at the top center of the screen. As customer information filters are selected (i.e. site, billing, main contact, etc.), the search results area will automatically show the existing information in the database related to that filter for the selected entity.

Left Panel of Screen - The left side of the Contacts screen consists of:
1) The Site, Bill To, Contact, GC, Subcontractor and Consultant criteria tabs at the top of the Search /Data entry area.
2) The Search & Criteria area. Enter a company name, address, city or state and select “Search” to find information already in the Contact database. If connected to an accounting system, WeEstimate will provide real time search results from the accounting system and the WeEstimate databases.
3) If new information needs to be added to the database, it would be entered line by line in the criteria area and “added” to the database, or dragged/dropped from Outlook to the criteria area.
4) Search results will show at the lower part of the left side panel.

Center Panel of Screen: The center panel of the screen is dedicated to recording the current project or quote information. This is the “drop” area for customer/contact information specific to this quote.

Right Panel of Screen: The right side of the screen is used for editing entity and contact information in the WeEstimate database. If information has come from an accounting database, it will appear in red and will not be editable. Editing information in the right panel will update that information on all jobs/quote records in the system and for that entity/contact going forward in the WeEstimate database.

The lower right portion of this panel also enables the addition of Notes pertaining contacts for this project. Notes appear only in this area for this quote record and are meant as a reminder. After keying in a note, be sure to select to “save”. The note and a time and data stamp appear below.

Helpful Hint: There is one customer name per job/quote. Information is captured categorically: 

To find existing or add new contact information: Information already in the database is shown automatically in the results area of the screen. New information can be added by dragging and dropping it in from Outlook, or typing it in to the appropriate areas and selecting “Add”.


KEY CONCEPT: Site, Billing, Contact information for each customer are considered separate pieces of information in the database. When searching on a customer, the system will automatically return search results based on the filter selected: Site, Billing, or Contact.

Adding New Information: It is important to enter new information correctly for any new customers or other entities, sites, billing and contacts. The information entered is being saved into the company database for use companywide.

Enter new information as your customer and accounting/finance department would want to see it and as it would be billed. When entering customer information, enter the complete customer name and information correctly. For instance, entering “ABC Electric” will be seen in a database differently from “ABC Electric, Inc.”

To “drag and drop”: Select the desired site information by highlighting it with your cursor, hold down the left mouse button and drag the information to the “Site” area in the center pane. Once there, release the left button on the mouse and “drop” the information into the desired category. 

Repeat this process to add additional contact names, subcontractor companies and contact names, consultant and general contractor information.

Helpful Hint: For those who like to type in CAPITAL letters, please note the “de-cap” button. Pressing this button will de-capitalize entries. To capitalize specific letters i.e. ABC, use the shift key on your keyboard.

Please note: If entering a Tax % at the Customer level, the tax percentage will be associated to that customer for all jobs. If charging tax at the site level, the tax amount and what is to be taxed can be specified at the Estimate screen on the Tax tab.


Add Contact to Job/Quote: Select the “Contact” tab or “Customer Contacts” to see search results for contacts associated with the customer name. Drag and drop the contact name from the search result area to the “Main” contact (center of screen). To add contact information for a Backup:, Billing, or On-Site contact, drag and drop information from the search result area to each of these areas.

A Main contact is required a) as the person this quote is going to and b) in order to have information populate on a quote.

Select, drag and drop: select the information needed for the proposal, click, hold the left mouse button and drag the information to the appropriate category for this proposal in the center panel. For example, adding site information to a proposal is simple:
1) Click on the word “Site” on the center panel, or click on the “Site” tab in the left panel.
2) The database returns any site results for the specified customer.
3) Select the site information for this proposal. Drag it to the word “Site” in the center panel and release the mouse over the word “Site”.
4) The site information for this proposal will be added.

Change Customer / Edit Customer: The ability to select a different customer is controlled by user right assignments at the Group rights level. Changing a customer means that you are selecting a different customer than the one first selected when starting the new project, or, that initially the customer was an unknown and is now able to be assigned. To change the customer, select the “Change Customer” button.


Helpful Hint: When dragging/dropping from the search results window, click close to the icon, hold the left button of the mouse, and release the button when over the word: Main.

Helpful Hint: If there is a need to edit customer billing, site or contact information, do so in the window on the right side of the screen. Any changes will update the entire database. 

Reminder: if changes are made to the information in the right pane, the global database is updated, in addition to the information for this job and all existing quotes. WeEstimate provides a warning asking the user if they are sure they want to make the change noting the global update will occur.



To Add Notes in the Contacts Screen:
Notes can be added in the Contacts screen to remind a sales person or manager of important information. For instance, a preferred subcontractor, or a note about a customer contact. Notes that are added are entered in the notes area in the right pane and must be “saved” by the person adding the note. Once “save” is pressed, the note is stored in the job and a time and date stamp are logged below the note in the right pane.

Here is an example: let’s say you would like to add a note regarding a customer preference for a specific subcontractor.

1. After entering the subcontractors to the job opportunity, highlight the specific subcontractor you would like to enter a note about in the center pane.
2. The highlighted subcontractor will become “alive” in the update area of the right pane.
3. Simultaneously, the notes area in the right pane becomes “alive” and ready for a note to be added.
4. Add the note and press save.

5. The note is added with a time and date stamp.



Key Concepts for the Contact Screen:
• All contact information is captured for each proposal opportunity
• Information can be selected from the existing contact database or if not in the database, can be added as “new”.
• New contact information is added to the global database so it is available for future projects.
• When creating a new job for an existing customer, be sure to select customer information from the existing database so that the customer name is always the same. This is important to ensure that all proposals for that customer are filed under the customer name.
• The contact screen is divided into three sections: left side to search for and add new contact information; the center to drag and drop proposal specific contact information; the right side to change specific information and to create and save notes for this proposal.
• More than one name/contact can be added to/associated with any entity (i.e. customer, subcontractor, consultant, general contractor).
• Multiple subcontractors can be added to the center pane for each proposal. This enables you to record and track multiple subcontractor bids for the proposal in the equipment screen.

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