Lead Center
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Lead Center

Lead Center is used to create and pass Leads to Sales people, Offices or Pass Groups. The functionality of the Lead Center is to distribute new leads. The Lead Center User would be part of support or a call center who is assigned to answer phones, receive requests from the company website, tradeshow, mailer, etc.  Their role in WeOpportunity would be solely to create and pass leads to a sales representative.                                                                                                                                                                 

As Leads are created, information can be recorded to indicate: the Lead Origin, Source, Market, Sales Type, Budget Value, Proposal Due Date, Job Title, Notes, Products and Services the Prospect is interested in. The Lead can also include creation of an Appointment for the Sales Person.

Leads can be passed to:

·         A Sales Person

·         An Office

·         A Pass Group

Sales People are Users within WeOpportunity. At the User level, Product and Service talents and expertise can be defined for each User. Users may also be assigned zip code ranges. When passing Leads from the Lead Center to a Sales Person, the Product and Service talents/expertise will show for each Sales Person, and if it is desired to pass the Lead to a Sales Person covering the Site address zip code, a checkbox is available to show Sales People assigned to this zip code (see Passing a Lead below).

Office – Offices within WeOpportunity can have multiple Managers designated with the User Configuration. When a Lead is passed to an Office, the Managers of that Office will receive the Lead Summary email and at their Lead Management Dashboard, be able to assign the Lead to a Sales Person.

Pass Groups – within WeOpportunity, Pass Groups can be created to enable passing of Leads when the Lead Center person his not sure of which Sales Person or Office to pass a Lead to. Pass Group members receive the Lead simultaneously and can then act on the Lead themselves, or assign the Lead to the appropriate Sales Person. Lead Assignment happens from Lead Management based on User Rights.

Once a Lead is “passed” it is then available to the Sales Person, Office or Pass Group for further action.

Please remember: Each Lead can have only one primary owner. Based on Group Rights, different Users may be able to see and share each other’s Leads and Opportunities.

To Create a Lead in Lead Center:

Click on Lead Center at the Main Navigation Panel. A screen will show with a search box. Enter the Prospect’s Customer/Company Name in the search window.

WeOpportunity will start searching the database to verify the existence of the Customer in the database after the fourth character of the name is entered. The database will return all records that contain the word entered into the search field. In the example above, the word “Advanced” was searched on with the following return:

Existing Customers:

If the Customer exists, the name will show and any Site addresses associated with that Customer name will show under it.

To create a Lead for an Existing Customer with an existing Site address, click on the Site Address and then select “GO” at the lower left area of the Lead start screen.

To create a new Lead for the Customer with a new Site Address, click on the Customer Name and then select “GO” at the lower left area of the Lead start screen.

New Customers:

To enter a Lead for a new Customer, after confirming the Customer name does not exist in the database, click “Start New Lead or Opportunity”.

Existing Leads

When searching for a Customer name, if you click on the Customer name at the results area, WeOpportunity will show you if there are existing Leads for the Customer and let you know how many. If you click at the Site address level, the Existing Leads tab will show the number of Existing Leads for that Site. Click on the Existing Leads tab to see the Existing Leads. Click on a specific Lead and a Lead Summary will show on the right side of the screen. You may add notes without opening the Lead or, open the Lead to review and add more information.

Customer / Contact Screen

The Customer Name will auto-fill in the Customer Name field. For existing Sites, the Site Address will auto-fill. For new Sites, enter address information.

City, State, Zip Code: WeOpportunity includes a City, State and Zip Code finder for both the Customer and Contact information. Type in the City name and the drop down at State will show all States with that City name. You may type the State abbreviation or enter a Zip Code first instead. In any case, select from the drop down. If a drop down returns no results, verify that the City name (or State abbreviation or Zip Code entered) has been spelled/entered correctly. Click on a selection.


Contact Name / Information

Check the Contact Name drop down to verify any existing Contact names for the Customer. You may also search for existing Contact Names by entering a name in the Contact Name search window. Select the Contact Name and any existing information will auto-fill. You may update and save new information for existing Contacts as long as the Contact was created in WeOpportunity. If a Contact is from another database (i.e. an accounting database), you will not be able to edit or update that Contact information within WeOpportunity. Contacts from other databases (i.e. accounting database) will show with an “orange” or “green” highlight. Orange indicates the customer name is in both the WeSuite and accounting database and green indicates the customer name is only in the accounting database. (Colors for Site addresses are also indicate the same).


If the Contact Name does not exist, enter the pertinent information including all required fields. (Red asterisks indicate required information by your Company and/or the Database).

After completing the Customer and Contact information, select “Continue”.

Tip - Database: When entering information it is important to capitalize, spell correctly and avoid abbreviations correctly. This will ensure that the record being entered is accurate for ongoing use (i.e. population on reports, proposal and contract documents, etc.) and can easily be found in subsequent searches.  Address Copy buttons: if the Contact has the same address as the Customer or, the Customer has the same address as the Contact, click the appropriate “Copy” button and the information will auto-fill.

Contact Type: WeSuite recommends selecting a Contact Type for each Contact. The Contact Type will be saved with the Contact. Contact Types can be sorted to view like Contact Types and create Message Groups.

Is Residential: for Users selling residential accounts, the “is Residential” checkbox appears when a new Customer and Contact are entered. Checking this box will automatically create the Customer name as the Last Name, First Name. This is a best practice for Customer Names that may transfer to an accounting database in WeEstimate during the sales process.

Import Contact or Import VCard: for companies using the automated synch functionality with Outlook Exchange Server or Google contacts, you can search your Outlook or Google Contact database from within Lead Center (or Lead Management) and automate the import of a contact to WeOpportunity. For those who are not using Outlook Exchange Server, you can save a VCARD to your Desktop and import the VCARD to WeOpportunity.

Lead or Opportunity Information Screen

The Opportunity Information screen contains fields of information that help “qualify” the Lead further for the Sales Team and provide reporting data for the Company.

Required fields are marked with a Red Asterisk.


In the Lead Center, it may be best when speaking with at new Prospect to start by utilizing one of the Questionnaires your Company has created. Questionnaires help to further qualify the Lead by providing information a Sales Person can use when first reviewing and working on a Lead or Opportunity.

The questions and answers are included on the Lead when it is passed and on the Lead Summary template emailed to the recipient(s) of the Lead.

Tip: Talk with your Sales Team to gain insight into the kinds of information most helpful to them and create Questionnaires that target that information. You may create multiple Questionnaires to cover a variety of sales types your Company make make. Each User can be assigned a “default” Questionnaire and as needed, select from the Questionnaire drop down list to use the one most appropriate for the Prospect.

Lead Origin:

Select the Lead Origin from the drop down list. This selection represents how this Lead came to your Company. Examples are: Incoming Call, Outgoing Call, Email, Other. Lead Origin is an important part of reporting and therefore is recommended as a required field.

Lead Source:

Select the Lead Source from the drop down list. The Lead Source represents the marketing effort to get this Lead. Examples may be: TV Spot - Channel 5, Radio Spot - Z901, Website, Lead List ABC, Strategic Alliance ABC, Current Customer, Customer Referral, Employee Referral, Print Ad XYZ, etc. It is recommended that this be a required field and the items on this list are very specific in order to gain the most from reporting.


Select the Market vertical from the drop down. It is recommended that this be a required field for reporting purposes. Understanding the Market verticals which produce the most interest can help your company to proactively determine future focus, different approaches, etc.

Sales Type:

Select the Sales Type from the drop down. Sales types are often defined by the types of systems or categories of sales your Company targets. Examples of Sales Types may be: Negotiated, Negotiated Bid, Bid, Update or, New System, Upgrade System.

Budget: Outright Sales & RMR

WeOpportunity enables recording of Outright Sale Budget and Recurring Monthly Revenue Budgets for the Lead. Recording a budget amount helps a Sales Person understand the budget a Prospect may have, or the estimated value of the Products and Services the Prospect is interested in. The budgeted amount for Outright Sale value and Recurring Monthly Revenue value is shown on the WeOpportunity URG providing a comparison of the budgeted or project sale value to Actual Outright Sale and RMR values after an Opportunity is sold.

Proposal Due Date:

Selection of a proposal due date provides the Sales Person important information for working the Lead/Opportunity. The Sales Person can set a “Task” within the Opportunity to create a calendar event marking the date and time the Proposal is due.

Job Title:

Name the Lead in a manner the Sales Person will understand what the Lead is about. A basic project title or description. For instance, Package 1 or Integrated System or Inspection Services. The Job Title will be passed to WeEstimate should the Lead turn into and Opportunity with a Request for Quote. The Sales Person can rename the Job as the Opportunity is managed.

Notes Tab

The Notes screen is available for recording notes valuable to a Sales Person and pertinent to the Lead. Notes are passed with the Lead and are also included in the email sent to the person(s) the Lead is passed to. Notes are time, date and User stamped each time a note is added and record newest to oldest. The newest or latest Note reports to the WeOpportunity URG (Universal Report Grid).

Products and Services Tab

Select the products and services the Prospect is interested in by checking each item. Enter a word on in the Search window and select enter or click on the magnifying glass icon for results to show, or scroll through the Products & Services list and check the boxes of the items that apply. Product and Service information specific to the interests of the Prospect may help to provide important information to the Sales Representative and provides helpful trend information to your company when determining product and service offerings, marketing strategies, promotional campaigns, etc.

Appointments Tab

Schedule an Appointment to meet the Prospect by first selecting a Sales Person or people (enter last name, first name and results will show), click on each to add to the Search window, or use the drop down to select each person. Click on “Show” to see the Appointments already scheduled for each of the selected Sales people. The calendar below will show Appointments for each selected person for the next seven days. To see a week ahead, click on the arrow buttons.

If more than one person is selected, calendars for each person will show side-by-side (Horizontally), vertically or layered (None) for ease in comparing individual schedules.

To select an Appointment date and time, double click the selected time on the calendar. A window will open with information fields necessary for scheduling the Appointment. The Location will auto-fill with the Site address. The Customer name will auto-fill at the Subject. You may add information in the Location and Subject fields as well. Complete the remaining fields, including confirmation of the Sales Person the Appointment is for and select “Save”. If an Appointment is being set and the Sales Person selection cannot be made, “Save” the Appointment. The Lead may be passed with an Appointment yet without an assigned Sales Person.


Schedule Templates

Schedule Templates enables your company to create appointment schedules with time slot assignments during which appointments can be set for sales people. Sales people are coordinated with the Schedule Templates and aware that they can be scheduled at specified times and dates. As many Schedule Templates as needed may be created for each Office. Each User within WeOpportunity can be assigned to a Schedule Template. Please note: Schedule Templates operate separately from the MS Exchange Server and Google calendar auto-sync.

To set an appointment for a Sales Person, click first on the Appointment Tab. Next click on the Office drop down and select the Office the appointment should be set for. Schedule Templates available for the selected Office will show in the Schedule drop down. Select the schedule appropriate for the appointment to be set. The calendar will refresh with the appointment slots (in “gray”) available for the selected schedule.


1.     Right click on the desired appointment slot. This will refresh the slot to show how many appointments are available.

2.     Double click on the gray appointment slot.

3.   The Appointment window will open for completion of information for this appointment and shows the number of sales people available for that appointment time slot. 

Set the Task Type by selecting a task from the drop down menu. To pass this Lead to a Sales Person, select the Sales Person from the drop down within the Appointment as shown below. If passing to a Group, select the Group at the drop down to the right of the Office drop down outside of the appointment window. Fill in the Subject; confirm the date, start and end times. Select Save.

After the appointment is set, the time slot changes color to pink. The next time another appointment needs to be set for that same time slot, double click to set another appointment. The Available Sales People number will show the remaining number of people available in that time slot. The drop down at Sales People will include a “red” square next to Sales People who are not available during that time slot and a “green” square next to the names of available Sales People. Note: a Task Type is required.

Contacts & Locations

The Contact and Location information for the Lead can be reviewed and edited if needed prior to passing the Lead. The Customer name cannot be edited however, Site and Contact information can be. Additional Contacts and Locations can be added by the Sales Person after the Lead is passed.

Passing the Lead

Click on the Pass Lead tab to pass a Lead to: a Person, Office or Pass Group. If an appointment was set with the Lead for a specific Sales Person, that person’s name will be highlighted automatically at the Pass Lead Tab.

Passing to a Sales Person: Search on the person’s name by entering first or last name in the Search window. Product and Service talents were included for each User (Sales Person), they will be listed at each person’s name. Product & Service talents may also be set at the Office level and will be noted for each Office.

Zip code ranges may have been assigned at the User (Sales Person level) or the Office level. To pass a Lead based on Zip code assignment, select the checkbox for “show Sales People and Office for Zip code XYZ”. The system will highlight the names of any Sales Person or Office that includes in its profile, the zip code within the Site address of the Lead.

After finalizing the Pass selection, click the blue “Pass” button next to the Sales Person, Office or Pass Group the Lead is to be passed to. The system will create and show a Lead Summary for review prior to passing the Lead.

Clicking “OK” to continue and save the Lead, or ‘Cancel’ to go back into the Lead information screens to make changes. After selecting “OK” WeOpportunity will save the Lead and produce a message verifying the Lead number and stating that the Lead has been created successfully.

WeOpportunity will then send an email with Lead information details to the Sales Person, Office Manager(s), or Pass Group members the Lead was passed to.

After successful creation of a Lead, you are now ready to create another in Lead Center.

Please note: If you select the “Exit” button prior to passing a Lead, the Lead will not be recorded. Customer and Contact information will save in the database however.

When a Lead is “Passed” from Lead Center - WeOpportunity automatically creates a Lead Summary email that includes specific/detailed Lead information including a link for Log On to WeOpportunity. The email also states that the Lead has been assigned to that person, or the Lead is waiting for assignment (by the recipient). The Lead will be on the Sales Person’s Dashboard under My Opportunities, Lead (stage).

The Lead will show on the Lead Management Dashboard under “Leads to be Assigned” when passed to an Office or to a Pass Group. Users with the right to pass leads will be able to “drag and drop” the Lead to a specific person listed on the right side of the Dashboard to assign the Lead.

When passed to an Office, the designated Office Manager(s) for that Office receive the Lead and the Lead Summary email. The Office Manager(s) may then continue to work the Lead or assign it to a specific Sales Person from within the Lead Management screen by dragging and dropping it to a designated Sales Person.

Keep in mind that when a Lead is passed to a Pass Group, the members of the Pass Group need to decide who will assign the Lead and define the protocol for Lead assignment by the Group. All members of the Pass Group receive the Lead Summary email stating that the Lead is waiting to be assigned. Any member of the Pass Group may then assign the Lead from within Lead Management.

Email Lead Templates:

When a Lead is “assigned” or reassigned, the recipient will receive the email Lead Summary stating that the Lead has been assigned to them and showing the pertinent Lead information and log in to WeOpportunity.

During the Lead assignment process, WeOpportunity enables creation of an additional message that will be included in the Lead Summary email to the new owner of the Lead.

See the sample email shown below illustrating an email indicating the “Lead is waiting to be assigned”. The recipient will need to review the Lead information and then decide who to assign the lead to. Lead assignment is completed in Lead Management.

Additional email templates, in addition to “This Lead is waiting to be assigned” include:

·         “You have been named a Shared Owner” – when a Lead is “shared” with another User, the new shared user receives this email so that they know they are a shared owner of a Lead.

·         “This Lead has been assigned to You” – receiving this email and Lead detail indicates that you are the owner of a Lead.

Lead Summary email templates are sent automatically from WeOpportunity for


1)     Leads Passed from Lead Center to: Sales Person; an Office (to the designated Office Managers); to the designated members of the Pass Group.

2)     Lead Summary email templates include:

a.     “The following Lead is assigned to you”

b.    “The following Lead is awaiting assignment by you”

c.     “You have been named a Shared Owner of the following Lead”

3)     Lead Summary template is automatically sent to Shared Owners when named within an Opportunity.

The Lead will then show on the new owner/Sales Person’s Dashboard under My Opportunities, Leads. Once a Lead is re-assigned in Lead Management, the Lead is distributed to the newly assigned Sales Person.





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