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URG & Audit URG
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Universal Report Grids “URG”

The Universal Report Grids are a great way to really know what is happening in your sales world. WeOpportunity and WeEstimate include separate URGs that provide a wealth of sales information to make you smarter, more efficient and better able to hit your targets.

The WeOpportunity URG is a real time report grid that gives you up to the minute sales information so that you can make the best decisions possible on your sales, marketing, operational and support strategies and initiatives.


To take advantage of the functionality for best results customized for your use, step one is to create a couple of named views for the report data you need and want to see most often. To do this, set the Filter Options a) include your opportunities (checked by default); b) time period for the report: annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly or by date range; c) the year will default to current (select a different year as desired); d) Filter on: Created Date, Last Updated Date or Sold Date.


Next, if you have the User Rights to view data for other Users, select the Users to include in the view. Do this by either checking the box next to the name of the Office – this will include all Users within that Office; or, click on the arrowhead next to the Office name. A list of Users within the Office will show, check the names of the Users to include in this view.


Select the Lead Stages to include in the report (i.e. Lead, In Progress, RFQ, No Sale, On-Hold, Deactivated or Sold).   To remove any Stage after selecting it, click on the “x” next to the name of the Stage.

Select either Grid View or Chart View.

Select Refresh and the resulting report information will show at the Opportunity Summary information area and in greater detail at the Opportunity Detail area.


Opportunity Summary Area:

The Report data shows as filtered at the Opportunity Summary area by time period. Additional data arrangement, column order and sorts, can be created as desired using drag and drop functionality for each column. To create additional sorts, drag and drop columns next to the initial date support. To order columns, drag and drop left and right to move data into desired position on the grid.

The Opportunity Summary screen will show data arranged by the specified time period. Subtotals will show per the specified time period and totals will show at the end of the Opportunity Summary.

Use the arrows at the lower left of the screen to move between report pages.

Export to Excel is a User Right. The grid also indicates the number of pages for the Report. Use the arrow buttons at the lower left of the page to move to next page or back to previous; or to go the first or last page.


Opportunity Details Area: The Opportunity Details area is below the Opportunity Summary area and presents a great amount of detail regarding current Opportunities including, the Actual Outright sold amounts and the Actual RMR sold amounts from WeEstimate. For this reason, it is recommended that all sales opportunities start in WeOpportunity (rather than WeEstimate) so that end-to-end sales data is recorded for each sales opportunity, providing the richest reporting information and sales intelligence.


At the Opportunity Details area, arrangement and sorting of column data can be saved as Named Views. Arrange the data in the desired order left to right by dragging and dropping columns of information. To create sorted views, drag and drop columns up to the area indicated. Data will sort below on the report grid in the order of the sort and order of the columns.

You may also turn data columns off or on, and sort data in ascending or descending order for each view. To do so, click on the downward arrow at a data column. The data sort and columns selection will show.

WeOpportunity URG columns of data include:

  •         ID - Opportunity ID number from WeOpportunity
  •          Job Number – estimate BIN number from WeEstimate.
  •          Name - the Customer Name Status – Lead Status from WeOpportunity. Sold and Lost Stages also report back from WeEstimate.
  •          Processing Start – the date the Lead started to be worked on
  •          Days in Process – the number of days the Lead /Opportunity has been in process
  •          Due Date
  •          Owner – the primary owner of the Lead, typically the Sales Representative.
  •          Budget – the Estimated Budget for the Lead/Opportunity
  •          EST RMR – the Estimated RMR for the Lead/Opportunity
  • Main Contact – the primary Customer contact for the Lead / Opportunity
  •          Created By – the name of the person who created the Lead
  •          Job Title - the title of the Lead / Opportunity
  •          Status Changed – the last date the Lead / Opportunity status was changed
  •          Created – the Lead creation date
  •          Address 1 – the primary address line for the Site location
  •          Address 2 – the secondary address line for the Site location (i.e. Suite 200)
  •          City
  •          State
  •          Zip
  •          Lead Origin – how the Lead came to the Company (i.e. incoming call, outgoing call, email, etc.)
  •          Lead Source – the marketing effort or source the Lead came from
  •          Market – the vertical market
  •          Sales Type – defined differently by different companies as items such as: bid, negotiated sale, system sale, integrated sale, etc.
  •          Shared Owner – the name of a selected secondary owner of a Lead / Opportunity
  •          Loss Reason – the reason the Lead / Opportunity was lost “No Sale”
  •          Actual RMR Price – the amount of the actual sale from WeEstimate after a quote is marked “won”
  •          Actual Sale Price - the amount of the actual sale from WeEstimate after a quote is marked “won” or, for some companies, the sold amount defined in WeOpportunity.
  •          Pipeline – the percentage of the Pipeline selected by the User in the Lead / Opportunity
  •          Pipeline Description – the description of the selected percentage of the Pipeline selected by the User in the Lead/Opportunity
  •          Appointment – the date and time of
  •          Last Note – the last note entered on the Lead /Opportunity


The Job Number data column also includes an additional filter to specify Estimate values and ranges. For instance, all Estimates (from WeEstimate) greater than or equal to $20,000.

Create & Update Named Views:


To create and name views at the URG, select “Add View”.

The Add View window will open. Name the desired URG View. If this is the View to set as your Default View, check the “Is Default View” box. To execute the view after saving, check the Execute After Saving box. Select Save.

The next time the URG is opened, the filters at the top portion of the URG screen, the order of the data columns at the Opportunity Summary and Opportunity Detail will be saved. At the Opportunity Details, the sorts of data will also be saved.


To update a view, arrange the data fields and sorts as desired then select “Update View”. The URG View window will pop and show the existing View Name. Select to make this View the Default, Delete the View or Execute the View after Saving. Click Save to update and save the View. Click Cancel to exit. The View will not be changed.

The WeEstimate URG

The WeEstimate URG (Universal Report Grid) is available within WeOpportunity. The WeEstimate URG enables viewing, sorting and saving of named views for customized sales reports. Follow the same instructions above for naming and saving views.

Utilize the Filter Options at the top of the URG to a) select mutiple Types (i.e. Sales and RMR quotas to view goals, dollar and percent to goal per Quarter, annually, etc.); the Year to view; the Users to view; Estimates/quotes/jobs in specific sales stages; specific date ranges or time periods (i.e. Annually, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly); a forecast period (i.e. 30, 60, 90 days); and exclusion of any Estimates/quotes/jobs at a $0 value.


The grid can be sorted ascending and descending and specific data columns can be turned on or off before naming and saving each view. For multiple page reports, move between pages of the quota reporting by clicking on the arrows indicated below.

Data columns available for Quota reporting are as follows:

  • Year
  •         Sales Person
  •          Q1 Sales – total sales amount not considering splits with other Sales Representatives
  •          Q1 Final Sales – the final sale amount considering splits with other Sales Representatives
  •          Q2 Sales
  •          Q2 Final Sales
  •          Q3 Sales
  •          Q3 Final Sales
  •          Sales for the Year – total Outright Sale amount for the Year
  •          Sales Quota – Total Sales Quota
  •          VS Quota – Dollar amount of Sales vs Quota
  •          % VS Sales – percentage of Outright Sales vs Quota
  •          Q1 RMR – Quarter 1 RMR Dollar Amount Q1 Final RMR – Final RMR sold for the Quarter (considers splits with other Sales Representatives)
  •          Q2 RMR Q2 Final RMR Q3 RMR
  •          Q3 Final RMR
  •          Q4 RMR
  •          Q4 Final RMR RMR for Year – total RMR sold for the Year
  •          RMR Quota – RMR quota amount
  •          Vs RMR Quota – RMR sales vs RMR Quota expressed in sales dollars
  •          % VS RMR – RMR sales as a percentage against RMR quota

At the top portion of the WeEstimate URG, Users can see how they are selling against Outright Sales and RMR Quotas set within WeEstimate. Use the data column selector to show or not show specific quota data.

The lower area of the WeEstimate URG provides detailed data for the Estimates based on the selected filters for specific Regions, Offices and Sales Representatives (User Rights dependent), sales stage(s) and date ranges; or for the selected Named View.


Tip: the total number of Records, Sales achieved, Average GP% and RMR quotes and sold information is shown at all times (see screen shot above).

Certain information per Estimate can be edited at the URG. Click the Edit button, make the desired edits and click Update to save.

The Audit URG

The Audit URG provides an easy way to sort, review and confirm specific data and history for Opportunities from WeOpportunity. Rights are typically given to Managers and Administrators.

The Audit URG is meant for quick and easy search and display of results. To open an item, click on the pencil icon. Sorts can be made ascending and descending order or left to right with column ordering.

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