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Marketing Dashboard
Posted by Diane Gross on 06/27/14 04:36 PM

Marketing Dashboard

The Marketing Dashboard provides a Lead Summary Dashboard for Lead Center Users. Within the Marketing Dashboard, Users may view counts for Leads entered today or within the current week, month, etc. or a date range. Users may also view Lead Summary and Details, current status and activity levels.


The Marketing Dashboard provides statistics with respect to “marketing agents” or Lead Center Users. The Dashboard is typically available only to Lead Center Users and their management team. If you are a Lead Center User who manages, or has the right to see and share with, other Lead Center Users, you will also see them and their summary and detail information from your Dashboard.


Click on “Marketing Dashboard” from the Navigation panel.

The Dashboard organizes and presents information by selected time frames: Today, Current Month, Quarter, Current Year or specified date range.  The information at the “Details” area represents all Lead Center Users for the period selected at “Detail for”. To see information for the User, make selects at the arrow next to My Leads. Summary Lead information is shown as Leads/Opportunities within each defined Stage in WeOpportunity. Details provides information for each Lead/Opportunity.  My Agents shows the Users managed by this User under each Office.  Lead Origin information is also summarized here for Lead Center agents, as this is helpful in tracking the trends most important to organizations in terms of the action taken on Leads and Opportunities after being passed from the Lead Center.




The Map functionality enables Users to see their current location and view existing Customers, Leads, In Progress Opportunities, Lost Opportunities with summary information for each and obtain directions and estimated time to get to the desired location.


Click on Map at the Navigation bar. The screen will show a Map with an indicator showing where the User is currently located. Click and drag the “Me” locator to a specific location as desired.



Click on the information bar on the right side of the screen to see the List of Filters for: Won Customers, Lost Customers, In Progress Opportunities, Leads and Opportunities in the RFQ Stage. Check the boxes of the filters you would like to see Leads/Opportunities for on the Map.


The Map will refresh and show icon flags for each checked filter. Click on a flag to see the summary information for each item. Click “Get Directions” and then click the arrowhead on the left tool bar to reveal directions to the desired location.



For locations that have multiple Opportunities, the summary will indicate 1 of the total, 2 of the total, etc. Click on each to see the summary information for each Opportunity.



Click “Get Directions” to get directions from the “Me” locator to the Opportunity or Customer location. To see the directions, click the white arrowhead on the left side of the Maps screen.



To search within a specified radius of the “Me” indicator, check the “Enable Area Search” box; set the search area radius in miles, check the List of Filters (Leads/Opportunities) to include and click “Draw Area”. The specified radius will appear on the Map along with the Lead/Opportunity icons selected from the List of Filters.


Image 1


Image 2



Filter Details: Click on any single Lead/Opportunity icon and the Lead Summary will show on the Map.


The Filter Details drop down shows a listing of all Leads/Opportunities selected from the List of Filters on a grid. Use the left/right scroll to see more details.



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