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Welcome to WeEstimate by WeSuite!  WeEstimate is the premier account management, estimating, and proposal management software for complex sales environments.  WeEstimate enables management of the sales process and customer accounts, quick and easy creation of estimates and proposals, uniformity in branding and consistency of proposals that can be emailed directly to customers, in addition to powerful sales forecasting and reporting. 

 WeEstimate will help you to grow your business strong while providing your sales and management teams an invaluable, productive and efficient tool they will not want to be without.

Tracking of sales opportunities, opportunity progress, markets, wins and losses, proposal revisions, sold jobs and change orders is all built-in to WeEstimate.  Customer, consultant, subcontractor and general contractor information is permanently stored in one database for easy access any time it is needed.  Professional proposals are created with your company logo and information, terms and conditions, scope of work, bill of materials and a host of easily added information that can differ by simply checking a box from a menu selection.

 WeEstimate makes account and proposal management easy and efficient. 

This reference manual is designed for end users.  The purpose is to familiarize users the dashboard, estimate workspace, customer tab where you manage billing, site and contacts information, and documents screen.

 If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact WeSuite at info@wesuite.comor 1-866-245-9248.  If you’re in need of support you can submit a support ticket from this site or send an email to  Be sure to include as much detail including screenshots if needed when reporting a support issue.

 Welcome and let’s get started!


 Everyone pretty much knows the drill here.  Enter your username and password to gain access.  The username is created by an assigned WeSuite system administrator or “super user” in your organization.  However, each user has the ability to reset their own password. 

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My Settings

Before learning to create a quote it may be useful to know more about My Settings and what can be done to customize your experience within WeEstimate.  My Settings includes a variety of option controls to allow the user to customize the client interface and make the best use of our product.  To open the My Settings window you will navigate by going to Tools -- My Settings.

We’ll go through the features of each tab from left to right.

·      Me!

·       Reset your password

·       Change the color pallet of the interface

·       Add your photo!

·      Dashboard

·       Node Order:  The dashboard lists the Node Order as shown here.  But you can change the arrangement by clicking and dragging the Nodes up or down.  To see the change on the dashboard you need to logout and login.

·       Grid Order:  The items listed in the Grid Order box below are the dashboard tabs located on the right half of the dashboard screen (refer to the Dashboard section of the User Manual).  The tabs to turn/off should be reflective of the permissions the user has in the system.  In this example, Cory Smith is in Sales.  He is assigned to a Pre and Post Approval system so he’ll want to see the status of his jobs during the approval stages.  And he wants to view Statistics to have a quick glance of his up-to-the-minute sales metrics.

·       Options: 

§  Use Approval Group Filter:  Making this selection will present a filter button on Quotes to the Pre Approve and Post Approve tabs which allows the approvers to toggle between jobs cycle between multiple approver groups.

§  Filter Days Back:   Sets the date range on the dashboard.  It will allow you to control the number of proposals that you see on your dashboard.  In the example below we set the range for the past 6 months.   However, keep in mind if you search for a job that is outside the 6 month range the search will return no results.    

§  Search Current Tab Only:  There is a current tab and an archived tab. .  With this setting selected you will return results on jobs that are “Current”.  To de-select the search will return results of both current and archived within the given date range set by the Filter Days Back.


·      Customer

·       This tab is exclusively for setting the Auto Cap correction

·      Estimate

·       The Estimate tab allows you to automate some aspects of the system.  Below are number 1 – 12 defined. 

1.     When Auto-Calculate Hours is selected the job will add together all labor units associated with parts on the job automatically.  [NOTE:  There are other places in the system where this option can be turned on/off.  If your system administrator has this option set in the system configuration then it will take precedence over your setting.]

2.     Quick Quantity will present a popup window that will allow you to enter the number of part units to a folder.  When unchecked, the parts will be added as a single unit and you would have to set the quantity of each directly on the material grid. 

3.     Quick Quantity on packs is the same as above. 

4.     When checked the Image Only will help to maximize your real estate on the estimate screen when a job is open.  The tools bars for material, labor, charge items, etc will display only the icon.

5.     When a job is won the system requires that you create a “Winning Document”.  A popup window will display a list of documents already created or you can create a document via this popup.  But with this option selected it will suppress the popup window requiring you to select or create a new document.  It will be done for you automatically.

6.     This feature, when checked, will update the commission on the job with each part, labor unit, charge item, etc added to the job.  Keep in mind, this could impact performance by slowing down the system.

7.     With this option selected you will see cost and sell dollar amounts to the penny.  When not checked the cost and sell will be rounded up to the nearest dollar.

8.     When a sub-contractor is added to a job from charge items it will be auto-defined as a sub-contractor on the estimate when this is checked. 

9.     Default folder level will allow you to select the number of sub-folders associated with each root folder on the job.  With this option checked, each time you create a new job, the folders will be nested. 

10.  Checking this box will set the RMR on the job to the global term set in item 11.  If the term is set at 36 months then any RMR added to the job will come in at 36 months.

11.  Set default global term here.

12.  Checking this box will allow you to replicate jobs for a single client multiple sites.


·      Documents

·       This tab controls settings on the document page.  We will define here from top to bottom: 

§  Check “Expand All Custom Document Items?” will show the full display of document options.

§  Default Zoom will allow you to set the size percentage of the document as it’s displayed in the viewer.

§  Default Proposal Document :  The dropdown on this feature is contingent upon your company having more than one proposal document.  You can select which document loads by default by choosing from the dropdown.

·      Options

·       To import a list of parts onto a job you’ll need to set your import location.  The parts list will have to be stored from the location set here.

·       The feature to export parts, documents or reports will first look at the location set here.  If it’s not a valid path the report export will fail.

·       You can set a location for your error log

·       You have 3 options to choose:  Contact Management, Estimate, Document Management.  Estimate is the one most commonly used.  When you start a new project the default screen will open to whatever you have chosen in this dropdown.

·       Default Starting Status can be set here.  In Progress is most commonly used however you can set the status to In Engineering, In Negotiation or Opportunity.   When you open a new job the status on the status tab will automatically be defaulted to what is shown here.

·       The final checkbox on this panel, when checked, will present the customer search section on the left hand portion of the New Project screen.












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