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Posted by Diane Gross on 01/19/17 04:09 PM

v4.0 WeOpportunity New Features!

WeSuite is proud to present the new WeSuite v4.0 along with the WeSuite Go! mobile application for IOS and Android. We’ve been working around the clock to release a new and improved WeOpportunity packed with new features, enhancements and workflow improvements for our Users. This Guide will highlight the new features and enhancements included in WeOpportunity v4.0. For more information, the WeSuite App please contact your system administrator.

New Look!

Layout: WeSuite has updated the look and feel of WeOpportunity for improved usability. See the Home page below along with the meaning of these updates.

Account Dashboards

In WeOpportunity v4.0, WeSuite releases the Account Dashboard! The Account Dashboard will give the User an account centric view of their Leads and Customers and allow the organization to customize data captured for Customers Account. The Account Dashboard also allows a User to add a Logo for a Lead or Customer, categorize the Heat index for an Account, view all existing Leads and/or Jobs for a Lead or Customer, add a new Lead or QuoteAnywhere Job for an Account, view the location of an Account, capture and view Account level notes, see an Accounts history, Contacts, and History. See below for expanded detail on the Account Dashboard features.

Import Utility

System Administrators are now able to import Parts, Contacts, Customer, and Leads into WeOpportunity using the new Import Utility located under the system settings.

Map Canvassing

Map Canvassing is a new WeOpportunity feature which allows Users to use the GPS functionality by dropping Pins to create Locations and Prospects. This feature can be accessed from the Maps Tab under Sales Tools. Multiple color Pins can be used to help differentiate and group types of location and prospects for the Organization. (Pin images and color definitions are defined by the System Administrator under Map Pins within Systems Options defined at the end of this guide.)

Customer Messaging Groups

Users can now create Messaging Groups for their Contacts in the Database. This will allow Users to send specific messages to groups of Contacts in addition to groups of Users within WeOpportunity. Users can access this feature within the Contacts Tab, accessible under Sales Tools within the Left Hand Navigation Panel.

Scratch Pad

This new WeOpportunity feature allows a User to record a thought or Note without associating to a prospect or lead. The Scratch Pad can be found under Sales Tools on the Left Hand Navigate Panel.

Lead Management

View & Status: On the View tab, Users will now see Leads in each status listed by most recent to oldest. In addition, WeSuite has renamed the In Progress status to Opportunity for a more defined Pipeline work flow.

Prospecting Module

Prospecting Plan: The User Activity Report tab has been enhanced to display a Grid view as well as a Select My Employees button rather than a menu to save User workspace.

Prospecting Dashboard:

Activity Tab: This tab has been enhanced to include a Select My Employees for Users that have Manager Group Rights, as well as an Export to Excel feature which is also controlled by Group Rights.

Global Calendar

The Global Calendar gives Users and Managers a fast way to view all of the WeOpportunity related Tasks and Follow Ups as well as Outlook or Google calendar events (if using the Outlook or Google Integration). For more information on this integration contact

The Global Calendar now be accessed using the Home Screen Button’s on the top left of WeOpportunity. Within the Global Calendar, the User will see the modified Select Employee’s and an Enhanced Grid View by selecting the View dropdown.

Universal Report Grid (URG)

The URG has moved to the Reports section of the left-hand Navigation Panel.

My Settings

Dashboard Settings: My Settings, can be found in the top right of the screen by clicking your User Name. these are the new Settings for the Account Dashboard. Under Dashboard Settings, the User can select a default Dashboard View that will appear each time the User logs in.

API User Settings:

The API User Settings will allow organizations to utilize the WeSuite API to link Web Forms to auto generate leads and much more! This will require coordination between WeSuite and an organizations IT team. For more information, please contact WeSuite at

Data Points:

Data Points is a feature setting for the Account Dashboard and allows an Organization to define their custom data points for an Account or Contact. First the User will select what Date List Type they would like to create using the Data Point Type drop down.

Group Rights:

Added to the Group Rights Tab are the new permissions for the v4.0.0 new features are highlighted below. Like all other group rights, permissions for the new features are assign by allowing a group permission to access these tabs.

Heat Index:

Heat Index is configured by a System Admin under the Heat Index Tab and allows the Admin to define Icons and Names for Account Dashboard Heat index settings.

Map Pins:

Map Pins are configured by the System Administrator under the Map Pins tab and allows the Administrator to define Icons (jpg/png), Name, and Descriptions for Pins that can be dropped on the Maps Canvassing.

Support Services


WeSuite Professional Services are available for Deployment, Configuration and Training. Please contact the WeSuite Account Care team to let us know how we can help. 914.920.3400

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Contracting Module
Posted by Arturo Bravo on 01/26/14 03:12 PM


NEW FEATURE: Contracting Module - Contracting Module allows the company to issue pricing (typically in bid situation) to different contractors on the same project while maintaining full confidentiality, regarding the identity of all the contractors you have provided pricing to.  With a single click you can generate multiple personalized documents for all contractors you’re bidding to.


You can select multiple Subcontractors & General Contractors:

You can attach multiple Subcontractors to perform certain work for the job.

You can list and quote this job to multiple General Contractors.  See below:




*Please note that you can customize the format of the emails you send to the General Contractors as well as provide them with an individual Scope of Work.  See below:



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