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I get a login window when I generate a document. How do I login here?

WeSuite uses Crystal Reports to create the company proposal and reporting in the system.  Crystal requires an ODBC connection to access data from the database. 

 If you’re getting a login screen when you generate a document it indicates the ODBC has not been setup on your machine.  You may have to contact your Network Administrator to properly setup the ODBC to allow the Crystal Reports document access to the database.   

The steps for creating an ODBC are listed below:


ODBC Setup ‘mitsic’ System DSN for Crystal Reports

Note:  You need to setup both a 32 and 64 bit ODBC driver so repeat the steps 2 times:  1) 32 Bit 2) 64 Bit

  • In order to use Crystal Reporting with WeSuite an ODBC connection must be created on the target machine or on the Terminal Server.
  • Using the ODBC applet under the Control Panel, setup a new SYSTEM DSN preferably using the SQL Native Client. If that is not an option the client machine, use SQL Server.
  • DSN name MUST be "mitsic". The database should be the SQL Server housing the WeSuite (Contracts) database.
  • Use Windows Authentication.
  • Set the default database to ‘Contracts’.
  • All other options can stay at their default values.

Please refer to the attached file for instructions on how to setup each.


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