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Test & Inspect: Document Output - Outright VS RMR

This is a document that shows the different ways you can show Test & Inspect items on your documents.

On a proposal, Test & Inspect items can be shown as individual items (Outright) or as one RMR item (RMR). To do change how you want to display this, follow the following steps.


0) Given you are on the Estimate Screen and you have Test & Inspect items added to the job

1) Under the Test & Inspect tab in the Item Grid, click the dropdown called "Linked To"

2a) To show them on your proposal as a single RMR item, select 'RMR'

2b) To show each of them on your proposal as their own part, select 'Outright'

Note: To get them to display on your proposal, you will have to select the checkboxes that correspond to the configuration you selected.

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