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URG and Filter Settings

The Universal Report Grid contains a number of filters and settings that can quickly get you the report results that best suit your sales needs.

Below is the grid in its entirety:


Each setting will be defined from left to right top to bottom.  We begin with the top horizontal bar highlighted below.

  1. Type:  Sales, RMR, Weighted (Not Used)
    • Sales:  Displays the sales per quarter in the summary grid
    • RMR:  Displays the RMR per quarter
  2. Sales Team:  You can choose one or all of your sales team members.  An individual’s rights control the list of staff.  If you have rights to view just your own jobs then this step will never be necessary.  If you have a large organization it may take a couple of minutes to populate all users to the grid.  For our example we will choose only the user logged in.

  3.  The two icons highlighted here are linked to commission splits:

Include Splits (default):  If your company uses WeSuite’s commission system and you have sales staff that split commissions this setting will show the splits.  You would see the same job listed for each user.   Job owner is one of the columns on the grid so you would see e.g.  Job #: 12345 Joe Smith.  Job #:  12345 Bob Jones

View Splits as Sub Details:  In our scenario Joe Smith is the job creator and splitting commission with Bob.  When this setting is selected you would see in the example above Bob Jones job nested under Joe Smith.

4.  Printer Setup:  Opens the printer window

5.  Page Setup:

6.  Print:  Will present a preview screen.  You simply click the printer icon in the far left.  

7.  Sales Region:  The dropdown will contain the regions setup in the system.


  1. View:  This section of the toolbar allows you to create views that can be accessed each time you come into the URG.  The view will save certain selections you make on the grid so you don’t have to set new filters each time.  [Important Note:  The view will not save dates, statuses or sales people.]  
    • We have to take a moment here to demonstrate how to filter columns.  The URG contains over 50 options to display on the URG.   It’s unlikely you would need a report containing all of these fields.  The view will help you eliminate what you don’t need and include what you do in a single dropdown selection.  The icon highlighted in red below, when clicked, opens the Field Chooser.  You select or deselect the options as needed.
    • You can rearrange columns by clicking and dragging the object from one location on the grid to another.  Simply drag and drop when you see the up and down arrows in the location you want to relocate the column to. These column changes will also be saved with the view.
    • Create and Save:  Click the green button, enter a name for your custom view and  click OK.
    • Rearrange your columns, remove or add columns as desired and click the Save icon.

    • Use the pencil icon to edit a view.

  2. Date Options:  You can choose a year or specific quarters. 
  3. Between:  Enter a date range.
  4. Forecast:  This feature can filter only if your staff or yourself are using the Forecast tab on the job.  In the forecast tab shown below you can set the your best guest on close rate, estimated sale and RMR and Probable Close Date.  All of this information in contained in the URG so you can create a view specifically to view forecasting.  The Next Action date, Action and Market are also on the URG.


    In Opportunity

    In Progress

    In Engineering

    In Negotiation


    Job Lost

    On Hold

    Inactive Quote (Deactivated from the Status tab)

    Active Quote


    Archived:  Choosing this icon will include archived jobs

    Exclude $0 Jobs

    Refresh:  Refreshes the grid after making changes

FOOTER  - Shows the sum of the grid results. 

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