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New Features


6898 - Adding Support for RCM Toolbar: Edit Install Amount & Custom Label

Users can now edit the Install and RCM amounts directly from the toolbar

6962 - Test & Inspection Tab name can now be changed via database. This will allow clients to rename the T&I Tab for their own use. Most common case is for attaching RMR to qty of devices via T&I. (ie: Subscriptions). We've also added the ability to manage the T&I Grid rights from user Setup

6967 - Added “Current RMR” to the RMR Grid. This will now help clients who want to track existing RMR for customers

6930 - Added the ability to sort parts based on last added. (BOM Grid) This can be completed only by WeSuite Support via database

6978 - Added Save As for Supporting Documents: this will allow clients to rename documents at the time of saving

6972 - Added the ability to set the “Day Job Won” at the end of post approval. Clients requested the feature to allow post approvers to set the day the job was won as part of their final review

6999 - Added Position column to Package, to help with ordering of equipment

7027 - Added “Total Monthly” RMR to toolbar, (Sum of Lease and RMR on Job)

Bug Fixes

7024 - Updated RCM Toolbar to show even when RCM is 0

7023 - Resolved an issue with Charge Items GPM when using Default Margin

7113 - Resolved an issue where Grid Rights were not saving

7183 - Updated email function for WeEstimate to always use ‘Send As” function when turned on for the Engineering Review

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