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Commission URG Flat vs Full Export

This article will review the following release note:

9037 – Commission System URG.

Within the Commission URG, WeSuite has added functionality that makes the export of the grid easier to read. 

Previously the application would only do a full export, which created a header for each job that was exported. 

While this is great for clients who do tons of job splits, and partial payments, it became difficult to read as a single exportable document for all jobs pending commission payment. 

With V5.0 WeSuite has introduced the option to do a flat export for the Commission URG. 

How it Works:

When you right clicking on the Commission URG and select export to excel.

You are now given the option:

"Please choose how you would like to export the commission URG"

Flat (Parent Tier Only)

Will show a single header with all of the main rows as shownbelow

Full (Parent and Child Tiers)

Will show a header for each job, along with each sub line, including multiple users commission splits

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