WeOpportunity URG

1. Log into WeOpportunity and go to "WeOpportunity URG" on the left hand side panel

2. Once the WeOpportunity URG is opened the user is presented with a number of items on the screen. 

3. The numbered items correspond to the screenshot above:

  1. Timeline type filter: this will provide a selection of the type of time frame to provide results for:
  2. Data based on timeline type: this section will change based on timeline type chosen:                       a.b.c. d.e.
  3. Filters: Based on Lead Status:
  4. View: Selection on how the user would like to view the data. 
  5. Select My Employees: Open to select employees to display results for
  6. Opportunity Summary: Displays the total leads based on Lead Status for the employees chosen above
  7. Opportunity Details: Displays detailed information of leads for employees chosen
    1. Within the Opportunity Details a user is able to filter the data for each detail to then be able to use the "Export to Excel" feature:
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