Release 6.9.1



27514 - Global Schedule: 'Customer Name' Field Added: Added a new field in the Global Schedule 'Customer Name' as an option that you can select before exporting your data to an Excel sheet.

25511 - Lead Management: Include Deactivated Leads on Search Option: Added a new checkbox 'Include Deactivated Leads' where to search for Leads that have been deactivated assigned to the respective Group / Office.


Bug Fixes

31929 - Lead Management: Create Lead: Accounting Contact: Resolved an issue where if you were creating a lead using a customer name provided by your accounting system, the company name was not reflecting in the Company field in WeOpportunity.

QuoteAnywhere & Site Survey 3.0


28950 – Configuration: My Settings: Default Terms & Conditions Template: Users/System Administrators may set a ‘Default Terms and Conditions’ template for Users in My Settings that will load automatically in QuoteAnywhere for new Quote Packages.

28771 - Document Screen: Quote Package Manager: Verification of Site & Billing Addresses: Revised the 'Mark as Sent' functionality on Quote Packages to prompt for assignment of missing Site and/or Billing Address prior to marking as sent via ‘Mark As Sent’, email from application, or use of integrated electronic signature service.

29764 – DocuSign Integration: System Configuration: Group Rights: Added (2) to Document Interface:

Allow Changing Contact Type: provides the ability to assign a different Contact Type in the document screen, than was initially configured for the document template, when Contact Type is set to “Custom”.  Allows for notification of and assignment of a missing Main Point of Contact.

Allow Add, Delete, & Reorder Recipients:  provides the ability to add, delete, and reorder recipients within the document screen for the document review/signing process.

System Configuration Group Rights

Within QuoteAnywhere

29950 – DocuSign Integration: Document Screen: Send DocuSign Invite: Invalid Email Refinement: Added validation of ‘bad’ email address from the DocuSign Signing Portal. A list of invalid email address(es) will show. Recipients will be able to sign on device; or, the signing status will be changed to “invalid email”, allowing the recipient to correct the email address, assigning the updated address to the envelope contact and contract; then allowing to resubmit with updated values to the envelope in process.

22180/28743 & 22182 – eOriginal Integration now available! Programming and use of eOriginal electronic signature services for contract documents is now available within QuoteAnywhere. Contact your Account Executive to request programming and document configuration.

29162 - Estimate Screen: Flat List Mode: selection of ‘Flat List’ presents all estimate items in itemized list form: Materials, Labor, Chargeable Items, Services on the Estimate screen versus the Folder view.

29180 - Estimate Screen: Part Level Labor Hour Edit / Deletion is Controlled at Bill of Materials: Part level labor hours are deleted/edited at the Bill of Materials grid only vs the labor tab. 

30932 – Job Quote Package Tile Display: The Job Quote Package tile has been redesigned to appear more uniform and concise throughout the job screens within QuoteAnywhere.  The design indicates the Revision number first, Revision Name, Status of the Job, sales values, created date, and Sent date (after sent). A new button “Manage Revisions” reveals active and prior Quote Packages prepared and sent, for selection and synch to the workspace as needed.

28894 – Sales Status: Update ‘Won’ Date Prior to Saving Job Won Status: Selection of Stage to ‘Won Job’ will make the ‘Estimate Won Date’ field available for completion. Complete all other Estimate Information fields prior to saving Stage ‘Won Job’, as the 'Estimate Won Date' and Stage will no longer be editable after saving.

25884 - System Configuration: New User Thresholds (!): The following User Thresholds are introduced based on the User Configuration (in WeEstimate): Material Item Gross Profit Margin – validation occurs after adding part to estimate Folder. Labor Item: upper and lower values for additional hours and labor GPM (gross profit margin). Service Item: upper and lower values for RMR Item value.




30636/30324 – Automated Approval Module: Job Approval via Email! Introduced new feature: pre-sale and post-sale approval of estimates via email. The main features this functionality supports are:

- Summary report of the job sent with the initial approval email.

- Reject jobs: mark as not approved and provide comment.

- Approvers with ‘rights’ to approve in multiple ‘hierarchy’ Groups, may utilize ‘Approve for All My Groups’ with a single click.

- Approval summary email notifying user the process is completed


28685 - Estimate Screen: Taxable Pass Through Items: for Pass Through items that are taxable, add the cost of the tax to the total cost/sell of the Pass Through item. The ‘taxable’ check box for Pass Through items is removed. 

29146 - Finance Lease Module: Estimate Screen: Lease Discount Tool Bar: Introduced the ‘Lease Discount’ tool bar to reflect the applied ‘Lease Discount’ dollar amount for a selected Lease Option from the RMR Grid. Right click in the ribbon to select the ‘Lease Discount’ tool bar to show.


Bug Fixes

31766 – Accounting Integration: Infor / ISM: Lead Management: Lead Number & Information Not Populating: Resolved an issue with the ISM integration where if you assigned a lead directly to a salesperson, the data filled in the ISM form was not populating in WeOpportunity.

31546 – Accounting Integration: Managely: Contacts Not Showing In Search Results: Resolved an issue where contact search did show contacts from Managely at the New Project and Customer screens. 

27544 - Estimate Screen: Notification of Job Owner ‘In Engineering’ Status to 'In Progress': Resolved an issue where estimate owner was not receiving notification of ‘In Progress’ after status change from ‘In Engineering’.

29620 - Universal Report Grid: Date Filter: Jobs Not Showing: Resolved issue where jobs not showing for a selected user during date range. 



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