Release 6.10.1


Please Note: The new Business Forms Module will be available in a later 6.10 release – watch for more information! Feel free to contact WeSuite Support or your Account Executive for more information.



32620 – My Settings: New Default Lead Search Filter Settings: Introduced a feature to enable Users to set ‘Default” search filter within My Settings that will automatically show: Leads/Opportunities assigned to, shared by, or for User’s this User manages for display in WeOpportunity and in WeSuite Go! The search option check box must be selected and saved.

30947 - Universal Report Grid: New Field: 'Sold Date': A field for 'Sold Date' is added for inclusion on the Universal Report Grid.

Bug Fixes

33069 – Customer Information Screen: Change Site Address Not Available: Resolved an issue where after a Lead is created Users were not able to change the Site Address for Leads.

33856 – RFQ Lead Screen: Quoting Region Selection Not Updating to BIN / Job WeEstimate: Resolved issue where at “RFQ” screen User selects a different Region at “Where are you Quoting?” prior to saving RFQ status.  Quoting Region was reverting to User’s home Region.



Please note: WeSuite Go! has been relaunched within App Stores for IOS and Android users. This requires all users to update or download the latest version in the App Store.


32183 – My Settings: Configure Default Lead Status Filter for Leads Showing at Opportunities Screen: Introduced a feature that allows Users to set a default filter that controls the Leads/Opportunities viewed at the Opportunities screen.  Users may select filter defaults for: “All” - Leads / Opportunities of all statuses will show by default or, specific Status’ (i.e. Lead, Opportunity, RFQ, No Sale, On hold, Deactivated, Sold.)


32167 – My Settings: Lead Search: Set Default: 'Search Leads Related to Me' or ‘Global Search’: Introduced a new User selectable search option. ‘Search Leads Related to Me’ will return leads: assigned to the User, leads of people the User is configured to manage, and leads where the User is designated a ‘Shared’ User. ‘Global Search’ will search all leads. (See Item 32620 above in WeOpportunity Enhancements)


32168 – Opportunities Screen: Allow Lead/Opportunity Edit by Shared Owner: Introduced the ability to edit Leads/Opportunity information by ‘Shared Owners’.  

32620 - New User Settings: New Default Lead Search: Introduced a new search filter where users can now only show leads that are related to the user, e.g. owned, shared or managed leads. This checkbox must be enabled in WeOpportunity via 'My Settings' < 'Search Option'


22036 – Opportunities Screen: Opportunity Information: Data Lists No Longer Include ‘Deactivated’ Items: the following items lists will no longer include items configured as ‘Deactivated’: Lead Origin, Lead Source, Market, Type of Sale. These selection lists will now show only ‘active’ items.


QuoteAnywhere & SiteSurvey


31628 – Customer Information Screen: Site Address: Tax Rate Calculation: Changing or adding a Site Address to Jobs will trigger calculation of taxes against the Site Address tax rate and notify the User of the calculation, on Jobs where Material or Use tax is to be calculated.

32650 - Document Screen: Document Export: Export to Microsoft Word: Introduced the ability to export Proposals and/or Contracts documents to Microsoft Word based on assignment of Group Right 'Document Export' enabled in WeEstimate.


31515 - Estimate Screen: Differentiate Between Global and User Level Packages: Added distinction of Packages showing “User” created vs system-wide Packages.

31194 - Estimate Screen: Indication of Part Source for Material Line Items: Introduced a label to highlight the source pricing for material items added to the Bill of Materials e.g. PSA, ADI. Parts from the master source, either Accounting or WeSuite, will not contain a label.


33221 – Sales Status Screen: Information Fields Configured as Required in WeEstimate Program Options: Program Rights and Appearances ‘Item Lists’: Sales information fields configured to be ‘required’ within Program Options, Program Rights, and Appearances at the Item List tab for: ‘Job Type’, ‘System Type’, ‘Type of Sale’, ‘Market’ will be set as ‘required’ in QuoteAnywhere.

Bug Fixes

33551 – Document Screen: Configure: Default “Show Equipment” On and Not Showing: Resolved issue where in the “Configure” screen for proposal documents the “Show Equipment” toggle is defaulted to “on” and yet was toggled “off”. 

34249 – Document Screen: Contract Selection: Custom Text Item Not Saving: Resolved issue where the content of a Custom Text Item was not saved after adding to the document.

33901 - Document Screen: Scope of Work: Add Template: Resolved issue where when a Scope of Wok template is selected the “Save” button was unavailable.




33473 – Accounting Integration Infor by ISM: Fixed Price Contract Module: Part Pricing Read: WeSuite will read Fixed Price Contract part pricing from ISM for the selected ‘Fixed Price Contract’ being quoted in WeEstimate.

31685 – Accounting Integration: Managely: Customer Screen: Accounting Contact: Added Cell Phone Field: When adding a contact from Managely to the job in WeSuite, WeSuite will read and include the 'Cell Phone' from the Contact record.

33617 – Accounting Integration Managely: Export to Managely: Includes WeSuite Job # and Title: The ‘won’ job export of information to Managely now includes the WeSuite Job Number and Title.


33007 – eSignature Integration: eOriginal SmartSign+ Introduction: Program Options: Signature System: 'SmartSign+', a new interface from eOriginal is introduced for eSignature integration selection within WeEstimate.  Please note: SmartSign+ full integration is anticipated for Q2 2024. Watch for future announcements!


27759 - Program Options, Tools: Editors: Packages and Test & Inspection Items: Deactivate Item Selection: Within Program Options, Appearances, at the ‘Item Lists’ tab, existing items may now be flagged as ‘deactivated’.  ‘Deactivated’ items will no longer show on User selections lists for the following fields: Job Type, Type of Sale, Wire Items.  The following are also available for ‘Deactivating’ at their respective creation / editing areas within Program Options: Packages, Chargeable Items, RMR Items, and Test & Inspection Items.

32452 - Universal Grid Report: Updated Layout and Addition of New Fields: Work has been completed to provide enhancements to the URG.

1) Data loading times are significantly faster.

2) Updated the 'Column Chooser' to be an easy to find button. Click to select/deselect fields to show on the URG and for use when defining and saving “Views”.

3) Update of URG data field names as follows:

BIN to Estimate                                                                                          Close Date to Job Closed

Job Label to Estimate Title                                                                        Archive to Archived

Job Split % to Production Split %                                                               Type to Sale Type

Comm from RMR to RMR Commission                                                     System Type ID to System Type

Comm Split % to Commission Split %                                                        Date Sent to Date Quote Sent

Est Comm to Estimated Commission                                                        Office to Quoted Office

Tier to Commission Tier                                                                            Last Status Change to Last Updated

Forecast Sale Total to Forecasted Sale Total                                            Job Due Date to Estimate Due Date

Forecast RMR Total to Forecasted RMR Total                                          Date Job Approved to Date Approved

WO to Work Order                                                                                    PO to Purchase Order

4) The following URG Fields are being removed: Estimate Type, Manual Sale Price, RMR Sold

5) New Data Fields / Columns added: Total Labor Hours, Total Labor Cost, Total Labor Sell, Total Material Cost, Total Material Sell, Post Approval Status.

6) The Filters tab includes selections for Job Status’, 30-60-90 Day Forecast, inclusion of Archive jobs.

7) Creation and saving “Views” now saves the selected Users as well!  Select the Users by checking each to be included, create, name, and save the View.

8) Added commission splits on a job to appear as a secondary row within individual job records.

9) Added 'Sum' fields to additional and new columns to accurately display totals for each column of the generated report.

Bug Fixes

33675 – Accounting Integration: SAP Business by Design: Estimate Screen: Accounting Tab: ‘Reset’ Exported Jobs: resolved an issue where the ‘reset’ button at the accounting tab within the job was available. After the export to accounting is complete, the ‘reset’ button is not available.

33979 – Accounting Integration: SAP Business by Design: Export Tab Available After Job is Exported: resolved an issue where the “Export” job tab was still available after Jobs had been exported to accounting.  The Accounting tab now displays “Reset” button and notes “Accounting export completed successfully”. 

34025 – Accounting System Integration: SAP Business by Design: Office Level Labor Change Selecting a Region: resolved an issue where Users could change the Labor Region without selecting an Office within the Region causing prior Office Labor rates to remain active.

33981 – Accounting Integration: SAP Business by Design: Region and Office Labor Category Selection not in Alphabetical Order: resolved an issue where the Labor categories listed within the Labor selection dropdowns at new Job, within Jobs, and at System Configuration were not in listed alphabetical order.

33965 – Accounting Integration: SedonaOffice: Estimate Screen: SedonaOffice Part Level RMR Not Adding to Job: resolved an issue where RMR defined at the part level and read from SedonaOffice did not calculate after parts with associated RMR are added to Jobs.

34056 – Accounting Integration: SedonaOffice: Program Options: Cannot Select Phases: Resolved an issue where if you were to configure phases in Program Options < Accounting Interface < Options, within the dropdown menu for 'Default Phase' there was not a phase list populating from Sedona.

33985 – Automated Approvals Module: Email Notifications Not Going to User: resolved an issue where the User submitting the job for approval, or receiving approval denied, was not receiving email notifications.

34137 – Automated Approvals Module: Estimate Screen: Approval Notifications to Groups: Resolved issue when Jobs were submitted for approval, email notification went to the first Approval Group and did not send to subsequent Approval Groups within the system.

34180 – Automated Approvals Module: Job Editing During Approval: resolved an issue where jobs could be opened by Users other than the Approver during an approval process and changes to the job could be made without exiting the approval process.

34026 – Automated Approvals Module: Tools: My Settings: Dashboard: Show Pre / Post Sale Approval Screen: resolved an issue where the check boxes for the Dashboard tab were not checked to show Pre- or Post-Sale approval screens and screens were displaying at the Dashboard.  Approval screen tabs will show only if checked to show in My Settings.

33731 – Automated Approvals Module: Post Approval System Configured Based on Job Types: resolved an issue where Job Types that were not set to require ‘post sale approval’ were triggering a ‘Post Sale Approval’.

33659 – Automated Approval Module: Pre-Sale Approval: Approvers List Not Showing When Job is $0 or Less: resolved an issue where the total sell price is $0, or a negative dollar amount is not showing Approver list.

33658 – Commission Management Module: Estimate Screen: Commission Tab: Manual Adjustment: Resolved an issue where if a manual commission adjustment was made within a job, after the job was closed and reopened the new commission calculation was not updated.

24805 – Commission Management Module: Production Percentage Split Not Saving: resolved an issue where the commission split in dollars saves however, the percentage value of a commission split is not saving after a job is closed and reopened. Enables ‘splits’ requires a) User has assigned commission plan; b) User has the right to ‘split’ commissions; c) the commission calculation within the job is over $0. 

34036 - Dashboard Screen: Bin Passing to User: Email Notification: Resolved an issue where after a BIN was passed, the receiving User was not receiving email notification that the BIN was passed to them.

33388 – eSignature Integration: DocuSign: Tools: Program Options: eSignature Interface: Notification Days: resolved an issue where the notifications reminder setting was notifying after 12 hours vs 24 hours per the setting.

34134 - Estimate Screen: Folder Level 2 and 3 Structure: Add Non-Active Folder: Resolved an issue adding a non-active Folder when using Level 2 or 3 folder structure an error would occur after closing and re-opening the job.

33588 – Estimate Screen: Supporting Documents Folder Updated at Job “Won” Status: resolved an issue where the configuration settings: “DocumentsToPDF” = ‘true’ and “SummaryToPDF” = true and pdf reports did not automatically save to Support Documents when Job was ‘won’.


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