Sending documents to Sedona

Prerequisites: Your organization must request an API from Sedona in order to export documents from WeEstimate into Sedona. In order to configure the API, WeSuite needs 3 pieces of information:

  1. Sedona API URL
  2. Sedona API username 
  3. Password

Contact Sedona to get this information.


You can attach documents to your estimates and import them into Sedona with your jobs. There are 2 ways to do this:

1. Manually attach a document from another folder

2. WeSuite can automate attaching your Customer Summary and Summary Reports to all jobs. As this requires changes to your Program Options, please request this change through support.


To manually select and attach a document - open the job and go to the Project View. Right click on the Supporting Documents folder. In the menu, click Add Document:

An explorer window will open for you to navigate through your folders to select your file:

After you select your file, you will see it attached to the Supporting Documents folder in the Project View (Note - if we have automated your summary reports for export, you will NOT see the reports here.):

You can now Win the job as usual. After you have completed winning your job, you will get a notification that your documents have been attached to the job. If you have automated your summary report, you will see it here:


When the won job is ready to import to Sedona, go through the the Accounting Import steps. After you have imported and created the job in Sedona, you will have the option to export the document you attached. You must create the job in Sedona before you can export any documents. 

After you have created the job in Sedona, go back into WeEstimate and reopen the job. Go to the Accounting Tab, and click Export Documents:

You will then be prompted to select which documents you would like to export. After you have selected your documents, click Export Selected Documents on the bottom of the screen. To export all attached documents, click Export All Documents to All Jobs:

Open the job in Sedona, then go to Tools > Documents. Your exported documents will appear under Customer Site/Job Documents:



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