How to Import Leads in WeOpportunity

This is a quick guide to walk you through how to import leads in WeOpportunity.

To start, you'd need to gather your leads and put them into an excel spreadsheet.


Once that is finished, you'd need to include the following required fields:


Client [Fname]

Cust [name]

Location [address1]

Lead [oppname]


(the name of the actual colum is within the brackets)


However, you can include as many fields as you like and map them accordingly. I will go into this later.


Once your excel sheet is complete, depending on the level of your information, it should look something similar to this -



The next step would be to log into weopportunity, click import leads and upload the excel file -



When your excel file is loaded, initially everything will be in red. This is perfectly normal. The next step would be to fill out the following fields - 


Lead Source

Lead Origin


Sale Type


You can do so by clicking on the drop down - 



Once the fields are selected, the text will turn to black. This will mean that all of the information is correctly entered.


The last step would be to select a pass option. You can pass to a sales person, an office or a pass group.



Once that is selected, click on import!

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