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Before learning to create a quote, it may be useful to know more about the systems setting options and what can be done to customize the User experience within WeEstimate. Below is a brief description of each tab and its functionality within My Settings. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please be sure to log off and back in after making any setting changes.  These features are loaded at the time of log in.  

Now let's begin.  To access My Settings go to Tools > My Settings

My Settings


We'll begin by defining each tab from left to right and the setting within each tab from top to bottom.

Me!  ~

There are 4 settings here...

  • Logon ~  Change your password.  Verify and Save.
  • Application Style ~  This setting allows you the option to change the color and look of the WeEstimate interface.
  • Enable Touch Friendly Layout (not all screens updated) ~ This checkbox enables the touch friendly screen option.  
  • My Picture ~  Double click in the image field to open Windows Explorer 

Dashboard [Left Panel] ~ 

All of the settings in this panel control the WeEstimate dashboard (see Figure 2).

Figure 1.

Figure 2.

We'll begin by defining each option from top to bottom; left to right.

Node Order:  This option allows you to change the order of the following nodes:  My Proposals, My Customers, My Employees.   In node settings you change the order by clicking and dragging the node into the desired position.  Once you log out and back in you will see the changes you made in Figure 3 below: 

Figure 3.


Grid Order ~ Each checkbox in the image below represents a tabbed panel on your dashboard.  Depending upon how your company chose to configure the system it may not be necessary to have all of them displaying.  For instance, if your company does not have approval systems you can deselect any tab related to approvals.  Note:  You can rearrange the list below by clicking and dragging to a new position.  For this guide we have order the list alphabetically. So let's go through the list from top to bottom.

  • Engineering Status ~ Jobs submitted to an Engineer for review can be viewed here.  The job will be in read-only mode for the user who submits the job to Engineering while the job will be in edit mode for the Engineer.
  • Pre Approval Status ~ This tab will appear only for those users who are assigned a Pre Approval system on their account.  Once a job is put into the Pre Approval system the jobs will appear in this queue.  An email notification is sent to the approvee when the job is approved by an approver.
  • Post Approval Status ~ The same applies to the Post Approval tab as it does for Pre Approval.  When a job is submitted for Post Approval the job will enter this queue.  An email notification is sent to the approvee when the job is approved an approver.
  • Quotes to Pre Approve ~ This tab is for approvers.  An approver will be notified by email when a job is ready to be approved.  They enter this tab to access the job from this queue.  Once the job has been approved the job will be removed from this list.
  • Quotes to Post Approve ~ The same applies to this tab as in the one above.  An approver will see jobs they have rights to Post Approve.
  • Quotes to Engineering ~ This tab shows jobs that an Engineer is requested to approve.  An Engineer only sees jobs assigned to them.  They will not see all jobs sent to Engineering.
  • Statistics ~ Statistics on a job or on all proposals can be viewed in this panel.


  • Waiting for Accounting Import ~ Jobs that are in the Won status but are waiting for the accounting exception check.

  • Waiting For WO ~ Jobs waiting for Work Order are jobs where the accounting exception check is complete but the job has not been imported into Sedona.   

Dashboard [Right Panel] ~ 

  • Use Approval Group Filter ~ This setting controls filtering on the Quotes to Pre Approve and Post Approve.  Turning on this filter will show the next group inline for approval.
  • Filter Default ~ Enter the number of days for your dashboard date range.  In the example above is 1.5 months (roughly).  The jobs that list under My Proposals will show only jobs created within that date range.  So you would see only jobs created within that 45 day range.  You can change the range at will by clicking the calendar utility on the dashboard.  It will change only temporarily and will be reset if you reset or log out.
  • Search Current Tab Only ~ With this setting enabled job searches will be restricted to only the "Current" tab i.e. jobs that are not archived.  If you deselect this checkbox the system will allow you to search both "Current" and Archived. 

Customer ~

The only setting on this tab enables Title case.  It will prevent your entries from going into the system with improper case.

Estimate [Left Panel] ~ 

  1. Alway Ask... ~ Enabling this option will generate a popup asking if you're sure you want to delete.
  2. Auto-Calculate Commissions ~ Enabling this feature will refresh the commission with every addition or subtraction to the values on the job.  If this option is not turned on then your commission will have to be refreshed manually on the commission tab.  (Why turn this off?  Improves system performance by reducing latency).


  3. Cost Discounts ~ Enabling this feature will result in the GPM remaining the same and the sell price will be reduced.  When this option is deselected the sell price will remain the same while the GPM is adjusted.  To apply a cost discount you use the icon highlighted in the image below from the vertical toolbar on the equipment grid.

  4. Have System Auto-Create ~ When a job in set to Won the system requires a wining document.  When this feature is enabled the system will auto create the document for you.  When not enabled the system will generate a window that allows you to create a new document or choose from an existing document.

Hide Costs on Toolbar ~ Enabling this feature hides the costs on the ribbons in the header of the job so that only the sell price will be shown.

  • Load Labor Types ~ When this feature is enabled the labor types are active on the labor grid as shown below:When disabled only the Base Type labor will be loaded to the labor grid 
  • Use Estimate Replication ~ Estimate replication enabled will allow you to create multiples of a single job after the job is set to the Won status. 
  • Use Image Only ~ When this setting is checked the ribbons at the top will display the icon:When it’s deselected you will get name and icon:
  • Use Quick Quantity on Estimate ~ When this feature is enabled a popup utility will be presented upon adding a part to the job as shown below.  When deselected the part will be added and you need to enter quantities at the line item.
  • Use Quick Quantity on Packs ~ This feature is the same as above when adding a package to a job. 
  • Default Folder Level ~ There are 3 options.  The system default is Level 1.  In the image on the right is what a Level 3 folder structure looks like when this setting is applied.  You can set the level at each job.  But if you consistently create jobs at a Level 2 or 3 you would want to make your choice here as a time saver.

Estimate [Right Panel] ~


  • Global Term on by Default ~ The value set in here in multiples of 12 will appear on the RMR grid in the job as highlighted below:
  • GP Adjust Settings ~ 
    • These settings control the Price Adjust utility with a job.  You have 3 options:  Even, Advanced Options and Category Adjust.  

    • There are two access points to the Price Adjust tool in the job indicated in the image below:


  • Expand All Custom Document Items ~ Enabling this setting will have all document options expanded on the document options screen as shown below.  Deselected and the tree will be collapsed.
  • Force Commission Calculation ~ This option will cause the system to refresh the commission each time a document is generated.  This is used by companies who include their commissions in the sell price on the job.
  • Default Document Zoom ~ This allows you to set the size of the document within the viewer much like the zoom setting in MS Word or a PDF.
  • Default Document Template ~ WeSuite can create multiple proposal templates for our clients.  And those templates can be accessed in the document window.  You have the option to choose the template you want to use when creating the document.  This setting allows you to choose a default from the list of templates.  
  • Default Cover Letter ~ Same concept as above.  We can create multiple customer cover letters that can be accessed at the time of document creation.   If you make use of one more frequently than another; choosing a default will save some time.
  • Default Scope of Work ~ Same as above.

Options ~ 

  • Default Import Location ~ When you double click inside the field the system will open Windows Explorer.  If you're importing parts this option will open to the location specified here.  Note:  The path shown here is a placeholder.  
  • Default Export Location ~ This option allows you to choose a default export location.  This setting is particularly import if you are exporting from the URG or from a list of parts on the job.  Again, as with the import location what you see as the default is just a placeholder. 
  • Default Error Log ~ If your user has rights to import parts into the system you will want to set this location to view any errors that may have to be resolved during the import process.
  • Default Starting Screen ~ You have 3 options:  Contact Management, Estimate or Document Management as shown below.  When you set a default starting screen (Estimate is the system default) a new job will open to that screen.  Some clients prefer to open the Contact Management screen so that it's the very first screen that has to be addressed before building a job.
  • Default Starting Status ~ There are 4 options: In Progress, In Engineering, In Negotiation, Opportunity.  When a new job is started the default status will what is chosen here.
  • Start URG with Archive Jobs ~ The Universal Reporting Grid is an advanced reporting tool that brings together in one place historical sales data. Enabling this setting will load all archived jobs to the URG.  
  • Display Customer Panel First ~ The new project screen is segmented into 3 columns or panels.  When this option is checked  the Customer Panel is placed in the 1st column to the far left of the new project window as show below.  When deselected the Bin-Estimate Information panel will be placed in the far left column and the Customer Information panel in the center column.

This concludes our review of  My Settings options for WeEstimate.  As with any change made in My Settings please keep in mind to log out and back in.  These settings are loaded when the user logs into the system.  

If you have any questions please be sure to review our FAQs.  We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions and continue to build on that list daily.  Our goal is to provide the best service possible without you having to pick up the phone.

Warmest Regards ~ The WeSuite Team


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