Windows Authentication Integration

WeSuite has a built in option to integrate WeEstimate and WeOpportunity logins with integrated Windows Active Directory.


How it Works:

When a User logs into WeSuite it will use the Windows password for the user who is logged in. Please note that it is using the login of the machine where WeEstimate is running from. 



Before requesting for Windows Authentication logins are turned on, you need to make sure that the username for all users matches the username for your windows authentication. 

Example: Windows login may be: John.Smith@wesuite.local

the WeSuite username would have to be: John.Smith 


Turning on the Feature

Once you are ready to turn on the feature, you will have to contact WeSuite at ""


Other Notes:

Passwords for users will no longer be stored in the database and be pulled directly from active directory. 

If the users passwords change they will also change when connecting to WeSuite.


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