How to Format Number of Decimal Places for Display of Labor in Estimate Screen

In WeSuite, sometimes values have decimals beyond the first two that are not displayed but will still be calculated.

In the following example, CAD shows 2.36 and a -2.36 which should be zero, but there is still an associated labor cost. In order to change this we will need to edit the System Configuration for the user.


1) Under 'Tools' select 'System Configuration'. Search the name of the user you wish to change.

2) Select the user and select edit.

3) On the right, under 'Grid Rightsselect the value you wish to edit. Here we are selecting 'QTY'. Currently 'Format' shows '##.## ' we will be changing this to display 4 decimals by changing it to '##.#### '.

4) Log out and log back in to load the new configuration. Re-open your job in question and check the values. It will now show decimals out the additional decimals.

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