How to Create and Map a New Symbol on Site Survey

This is a quick guide on how to create and map a new Icon/Symbol/Thumbnail to a part within the WeSuite Database for use within the Site Survey Application.

To enable a User to access the Site Survey Application go to the Users System Configuration, and on the Licensing,  Tab turn on/off the Users ability to log into the Site Survey Application.



Mapping Icons/Symbols/Thumbnails to the parts database:

       1.Drop down the ‘Tools’ menu

       2. Select ‘Parts Editor’


1. Within the Part Editor go to the ‘Symbol Mapping’ Tab.

2. Click ‘Add Symbol’

3. Define the ‘Symbol Description’

4. Load the Image**

5. Click Add

** WeSuite offers the use of a library of images to use, or any PNG image file may be uploaded.



Once the image and description have been added, the next step would be to add a condition for the symbol. A condition is a type of fromulas that is programed in the system to create ‘search & find’ functions within the database. If a match is found, that part or group of parts will adopt the image/symbol that is mapped.

In this case we ran a "Like" function which will say whenever the words ‘Fire Alarm’ are found in the description of a part this condition will be triggered and this icon/symbol will be mapped. That way when added to a Site Survey floor plan the part will show the fire alarm image that was uploaded.

      1.Enter the condition. For a simple WORD=WORD condition use. Like’%WORD%’

      2. Add, and see below. By selecting the condition you can edit, or by click the delete icon you can delete.

** For more condition options, please see additional cheat sheet of simple conditions.




Once the Icons and Conditions have been set next will be setting the condition sequence and mapping the new settings to the database.

1. Select 'Mapping' tab

2. Select the Icon/Condition setting

3. Select ‘Move Up’ or ‘Move Down’ to order the sequence on conditions. This will effectively give order/priority to the conidition when triggered so the database knows to map that icon to that part when searching for it. Example; I want my condition for camera to trigger first so all 100 of my parts with the word camera adopt that icon. Next I was my condition ‘PTZ’ to trigger second, so that the database will then findany parts that contain the keyword ‘PTZ’ so if any of the 100 parts that hit on ‘camera’ already but keyword ‘PTZ’ that part will now adopt the second icon that was entered into the series. So think about the most broad descriptive words are at the top and then as you go down in the sequence it becomes more specific.


Please see the video below that will review all of the above. For more information contact


How to Video Link!

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