How to Duplicate a Package in WeOpportunity & WeEstimate

To copy a package & edit components, begin in WeOpportunity.

Log into WeOpportunity, and on the left toolbar go to Settings > Global Package Editor:


Select the package you want to copy and click Duplicate on the right:

The copied package will appear in the Package list labeled as Duplicate:

To edit the package you duplicated, log into WeEstimate and go to Tools > Package Editor. If you already have it open, there is no need to log out & back in. Just close & reopen the editor tab.

The duplicated package will be in WeEstimate as a Global Package. To rename it, right click. To add or remove parts, click Edit.

To remove parts, go to the Parts Grid, and under the Remove columncheck the corresponding box for the part you want to delete :

To add parts, search under WeSuite or Accounting Parts, select and drag your part into the folder just like you would when building an estimate:

Changes you make to the package in WeEstimate will also be available in WeOpportunity. To see the updated package, refresh WeOpp, and go back to Settings > Global Package Editor:

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