How to Add Excel Sheet to a Folder

This is a quick guide on how to assign or add an excel sheet to a folder in a job.

The first step is to prepare your excel sheet that you want to import. It's important that your sheet has the following columns - 

MFGR - Manufacturer

QTY -  Quantity

Model - Part Model Number

Unitcost - Cost of the part


You can add other columns as you see fit but those are the minimum requirement. 


Once you have the excel sheet prepared, right click on the folder you wish to import the parts into and select "Import Excel File"



After clicking on it you will be brought to the file explorer screen where you can select the file you worked on



If you are greeted with the below pop up, than you might be missing or have misspelled a column



If you don't receive that screen than you will be given the below window 



Once you are on that screen, click on import and the parts will appear within the folder!


Hopefully you found this guide to be useful!


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