Using Optional and Exclude from Sale Folders

WeEstimate Folders can be set to be:

  1. "Outright Sale" - default value for all folders
  2. "Print on Document" or
  3. "Exclude from Sale"

To change the folder type, simply go to the Project View tab on the Estimate window, then select the option from the Estimate Option dropdown.

Understanding the different types of Folders

The "Print on Document" and "Exclude from Sale" options for folders do not change the Estimate values.

They are  a tool to be used at the document level, those settings will control how those folders are shown on the proposal to the customer.

If a folder is marked as "Print on Document" => The totals for this folder will show on a section separate from  the "Outright Sale" folders.

If a folder is marked as "Exclude from Sale" => It will not show on the proposal document.

Folders that are not "Outright Sale" will need to be removed before the Job is Won (for the same reasons mentioned above) and the accounting system does not have the feature to differentiate each type of folder. Accounting integrations will read all folders without distinction. 

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