Getting a Log in Window Upon Document Generation - Setting up Your ODBC


Getting a log in screen when you click on generate proposal can be a pretty confusing thing. You may be trying to enter your credentials and nothing goes through. This is a quick guide to get you through this pop up and back to generating your documents.

When getting a "Database login" window, this indicates that either your ODBC set up has been removed, or simply never existed (a new computer).

This guide will walk you through the steps on how to set it up!

The first step would be to navigate to your shared path were WeSuite is installed.  If you don't know where this path is, you can find it by going to:

1.) Tools

2.) Program Options

3.)  Environment

4.) Reports

5.) Reports Log in


Once you have you're file path, launch file explorer and navigate to the path and locate the support files folder - 

Inside the folder, open "CrystalRunTimes" and download both the x64 and x86

Once those finish downloading, the next step will be setting up the ODBC for your computer.

From you're file explorer, browse to your local disk (generally C:) and find the "windows" folder.

Once in the Windows folder, you'd need to locate the "System32" and "SysWOW64" folders


Once you're in the folder, locate the "odbcad32" file and open it.  Click on the "system DSN" tab and click on "add." From the popup window (if prompted) select "SQL Server" and than Finish.



On the next window, you'll see Name, Description and Server. Please enter the following -


Name - Mitsic

Description - Report Connection

Server - Your SQL instance (can be found in program options -> environment -> Database Connection



On the next window, verify the authentication method is the same as the application. Then click on next.



On the next screen, select the checkbox and change the default database to your live database name (this will usually be contracts, but again can be found in tools --> program options --> Environment --> Database Connection) and click on next.



You won't have to make any changes on the next screen, so simply select "Finish"


On the last window, click on "Test Data Source" 



If the server can be reached, you will get a "TESTS COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY" message.

The next and final step would be setting up the 64 bit odbc. The setup is the exact same, however you would now need to browse to the "SysWOW64" folder in the windows folder.  If you follow the above steps with the 32 bit, you will successfully have finished the install for both.

Once both the ODBC and the Crystal Runtimes are setup and installed, completely close out of the application and relaunch it. 

The next time you generate a proposal or report, you should not be given a log in window or error message.

Hopefully this guide helps!


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