How to create a Lead

From the landing page choose Lead Management from the left hand navigation menu and click the New Opportunity tab. Enter your customer name in the input box as shown below to search for your customer. In this example we’re choosing an existing customer “Cadence Music”.

After clicking the spyglass the system will return any records that match the keyword entered.  If you click on the name of the company you can begin a lead with just the company name.  The site will not port over and you would be required to enter a new site or search for the existing.


Once you click Go you will be given two options: "Create Lead for Myself" or "Create Lead for Passing". For this example we're going to choose Create Lead for Passing.  If you were to choose Create Lead for Myself the screens are all the same except that there is a Save button on the Lead Setup screen.

Complete the required information.  NOTE:  If you choose the site from the search results the customer information screen will populate both the company name and the site.  You only need to select the contact associated with the company or create a new contact.

Complete the lead setup screen [Note:  If you are creating the lead for yourself you will see a Save button highlighted in yellow in the lower left of the panel]:

Before passing the lead we’ll take a moment to define each tab.

NOTES TAB:  You can enter notes to the person you’re passing the lead to; or you can enter general information, specific information, client expectations, directions, etc.


PRODUCTS & SERVICES TAB:  Depending upon the size of the organization and sales staff a company could have sales reps who specialize in specific system types.  WeOpportunity allows our clients the ability to setup product categories and the services that apply.  In the screenshot below we chosen CCTV projucts.  Even if your sales staff is all in with every system; this is a valuable service to the person being passed the lead so they’re aware before they even contact the client what the client is interested in purchasing.

APPOINTMENT TAB:  The appointment tab allows the lead taker (or the lead creator who is making their own leads) the option to book an appointment or a task.  The distinction between the two would be an appointment is something that requires the sales person’s presence like a presentation or a site visit whereas a task can simply be a calendar reminder to call the client or send them product information.  The screenshot below is parsed out into sections and will be defined by the numbers given.

  1. Available Sales People:   The system keeps track of the calendars of users who have accounts in WeOpportunity.  If you have 2 reps who who have appointments between 8 & 9 am on 11/9 the Available Sales People would read 17 and the Allocated Sales People 2
  2. Location:  This area will automatically populate with the site address on the lead but this field is editable so you can enter anything here.  It’s usually desirable to show the site address in the appointment particularly if there is a site visit required.
  3. Start / End:  This is self explanatory.  Pick your start and end time for the appointment and select a time zone.
  4. Subject / Description:  Enter a subject of the appointment.  When you view the appointment on your calendar this is shown in the collapsed view.  The description can be viewed when opening the record from the calendar.
  5. Sales People:  All users with access to WeOpportunity will show in this dropdown.  If their name is in red it indicates they have an appointment at the time of the one you’re creating.
  6. Task Type:  Task type contains values setup in WeOpportunity’s configuration settings.
  7. Attendees:  Clicking in the attendee field will produce a dropdown containing the names of users in the system.

CUSTOMER INFORMATION TAB:  This tab allows you to control the customer record.  If you need to correct the name spelling for the customer; edit the site address or the contact record; that operation would happen here.


So let’s finally pass the lead.  In this example we’re going to pass to Joe McCrain. 

Once the Pass key is clicked you will see this window below.  It’s a top to bottom summary of the lead itself down to the appointment made.  Click Pass Lead. 


If you choose to Pass Lead & Send Mail the form below is presented.  As you can see the contact’s email address is populated in the To: field.  You can email this lead to your contact to confirm the appointment you’ve made for your sales rep and fpr the client.  The subject field and message field is fully editiable.  Once you’ve completed the form click Pass Lead.  The lead will be passed to your sales rep (Joe McCrain) and an email will be sent to your client.


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