Understanding the Difference Between Commission URG Flat Vs. Full Export

Within the Commission URG, WeSuite has added functionality that makes the export of the grid easier to read. 

Previously the application would only do a full export, which created a header for each job that was exported. 

While this is great for clients who do tons of job splits, and partial payments, it became difficult to read as a single exportable document for all jobs pending commission payment. 

With V5.0 WeSuite has introduced the option to do a flat export for the Commission URG. 

How it Works:

When you right clicking on the Commission URG and select export to excel.

You are now given the option:

"Please choose how you would like to export the commission URG"

Flat (Parent Tier Only)

Will show a single header with all of the main rows as shownbelow

Full (Parent and Child Tiers)

Will show a header for each job, along with each sub line, including multiple users commission splits


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