How to Turn On/Off E-RMR (Material RMR)


WeEstimate Currently has the ability to automatically add RMR to the job based on pre-determined RMR at the part level.


In order to use this feature you must first turn on a Program Option.


Click on Tools -> Program Options -> System Options -> Select "Use Material Based RMR"



**Please be careful when turning on/off any of the features in this section, as they may require additional setup and/or incur additional monthly charges.


You will have to close and re-open the application for the change to take effect.


To make the RMR column visible to users you will also have to turn on the column in the material grid


Click on Tools -> Program Options -> Global Grid Rights 

Turn on visibility for both rmrLocal and rmrTotal. 


RMR Local will be where you enter the yearly amount of rmr needed for the part

RMR Total will be where RMR Local is multiplied by the qty of the part. 

*Please note that the rmrTotal column is a new feature and will require you be on Octopus Deployment Release 0.7.0 or higher.  




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