Setting Up an App Password for The WeOpportunity AutoSync

**Important Update** As of October 2022, App passwords will be obsolete in favor of 2fa**


Earlier this year, Microsoft made some changes to how certain apps can connect to their products and thus require some additional security parameters to be set up.


This is a quick guide on how to set up an App Password for your WeOpp Auto Sync application.


1. From the Outlook Web Client, click on "View Account" by clicking on your icon on the top right corner. Clicking on this will open a new tab/window called "My Account."




2. In the My Account Window, click on the "Security Info" tab on the left hand side.




3. In Security Info, click on "+Add Method."




4.  From the drop-down, click on "App Password." ***




5.  Name the App, and click next.




6. You'll be given a randomly generated "App Password" in this window and you'll only see this once, so copy and save it somewhere. You'll need this later in the set up.




7.  Open WeOpportunity and click on "My Settings" by clicking on your name on the top right corner -




8. In "My Settings" click on the "Auto Sync Settings" tab.  Click on "Edit" and enter your email address (if it isn't already there) and in the "New Password" section, enter the app password you copied before. Once those are entered, click on "save" to update your settings.




*** If you do not have "App Password" as an option, please contact your IT department and they can get that added to your profile so you can proceed.




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