ADI Integration and Setup Guide

WeSuite integration with ADI is utilized within WeEstimate and available in WeSuite release 6.7 and
higher. ADI integration is being introduced in QuoteAnywhere and the Site Survey 3.0 in Q3 of 2022.

The ADI integration allows WeSuite users to confirm ADI part cost pricing in real-time via use of the ADI API connection with WeEstimate.

**ADI part pricing confirmation relies on use of the specific ADI catalog part numbers.**

In summary the integration with WeSuite enables:

  •  Price confirmation of ADI parts per your ADI Customer ID.
  • Retrieval of ADI part pricing from within Estimates in WeSuite after adding parts to Estimates via
    the “Get Latest Pricing” tools in WeSuite.
  • Adding the same part to different Estimate Folders in same estimating session will fetch the ADI
    cost price on record for the current session.
  • Confirmation of the source for the part cost. A column on the Bill of Materials grid indicates the
    source for the part cost (i.e. ADI, Accounting, WeSuite, etc.)
  • Manual control of addition of ADI items that are on sale “discounted”. Sales price versus regular
    cost.Please note: There is an option to turn this feature on at the system level and the ability to control at the Estimate/Folder/item levels when retrieving ADI pricing manually. (See ADI Configuration)
  • Search and present only the “Lower cost items” from ADI versus other database part cost sources.

The ADI part pricing features can be used within Estimates at the part level, Folder level, or the Job level.

Adding Parts to Estimates:
After users add parts to an Estimate Folder, the system will allow retrieval of ADI part cost pricing for the
parts with matching ADI part numbers, and present the material “Unit Cost” for update/inclusion on the
Bill of Materials. A new column on the BOM grid “Vendor”: i.e. Accounting, WeSuite, ADI, PSA, etc. will
show the origin of the part cost after adding to the Estimate.

Configuration options include:

  • Auto Assign - assign ADI pricing automatically when parts are added to Estimate Folder(s).
  • Part Item Level - select a specific item and trigger the ADI integration to retrieve cost. “Get latest
    pricing” feature in WeSuite.
  • Folder Level -select a specific Folder and trigger ADI integration to retrieve ADI pricing for all part
    item with ADI pricing included in the Folder.
  • Job Level – select “All Estimate Items” at the Project View to retrieve ADI cost pricing for any part
    from ADI included on the Estimate.

WeEstimate Get Latest Pricing Features:

  • At the Estimate Bill of Materials use the “get latest pricing” feature to get ADI cost pricing.
    a. Part Line-Item: Users may right click on the part line item and select from the “get latest
    pricing” popup.
  • “Latest Pricing” icon: click the icon on the left tool panel of the Bill of Materials and select
    from the popup.
  • Project View – All Estimate Items (see below)
  • Project View – Folder Level (see below)

1. Project View: "All Estimate Items" – right click and select “Latest Pricing” will enable Latest Pricing
popup box. Initial option are “Latest Pricing” for all parts in the job or, “ADI Items – Latest Pricing” which
will retrieve pricing only for ADI parts on the Estimate.


The API call will send in bulk all items assigned to the Estimate to get ADI pricing. As this method includes
all items on the Bill of Materials, the process will analyze and find the total quantity of same items that
may exist across all Folders and submit the total quantity to the ADI API call, thusretrieving the cost pricing for all ADI items on the Estimate.

Further, the concept of “Lot” or volume pricing is accounted for: i.e. ADI prices 1 unit at $10, however if
order is 5 units pricing is at $8 per unit. The integration accounts for the “lot” pricing and updates all
respective line items based on the total quantity of parts within the estimate.

2. Folder Level – Right click and select “Latest Pricing” will present Latest Pricing popup box. Select ADI as “Vendor” to enable query of ADI part cost pricing for all ADI part items within the selected Folder.


3. Line Item – Highlight one or multiple line items on the Bill of Materials. Right click and select from
the “Latest pricing” pop up. Select ADI as the Vendor. The integration will query for the ADI part cost
of the specific item and return ADI pricing in the Unit Cost column.



4. “Vendor:” The Latest Pricing box enables selection of the part source “Vendor” from the drop down.
The drop down will show available pricing databases configured for your system. Select ADI for pricing
query for ADI parts.When retrieving ADI pricing for a specific item the user can indicate that the query should be done for all exact matching items included on other Estimate Folders. (“lot pricing”).

5. “Lower cost items only” check box will show only same items that are available at lower cost than
those already included on the Estimate. (Configurable selection – see ADI Configuration below)

6. “Include items on sale” is made live for selection after ADI is selected as “Vendor”. The query will
include and show items available from ADI that are on sale with sale start and end dates. End dates
are highlighted red if less than the number of days set as the “Discount Threshold Days” as configured). (See ADI Configuration section below.)

ADI Configuration in WeSuite:

WeEstimate: Tools: Program Options


WeSuite Clients utilizing the ADI integration will include their ADI Customer Number, Customer Suffix, etc.
to identify their customer information to ADI and allow for integration pricing verification.

ADI App Automatically Assign ADI Price as “true” activates automatic query for ADI price as parts added to the Estimate.
ADI App Use Lower Price Item as “true” enables the checkbox selection on the Latest Price popup “Lower Cost Items Only”.
ADI App Include Discounted Items as “true” enables show of “sale” items via integration query.
ADI App Discount Threshold Days as “true” enables setting of a threshold “number of days” for sale items to be shown in sales results query. Sales items that fall within the “Discount Threshold Days” will be

System Configuration: User Configuration

Requires licensing per User by checking the “ADI Pricing Catalog” Application Name option at the User
level within System Configuration.



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