How to Create Custom DocuSign Email Subject and Body

In this article, we will be covering how to create custom subjects and bodies through your WeEstimate Docusign Interface.


To start, you will go to (1)Tools --> (2) Program Options --> (3) eSignature Interface


Once in the interface, look for the following two fields -


Email Subject Setup

The subject is something you type into directly, while referencing certain fields. In the below example, we reference the following fields: the project, document and company. Each of those fields use brackets around them to signify what is being referenced.

Attention: [{project}] with [{document}] for {company}...2

The following tags are supported in the subject line and can be replaced with their corresponding values:


  • {project-number} — Project Number (ex. 12345-1-0). Equivalent to {sanum}-{jobnum}-{altnum}
  • {project-name} — Project Name
  • {customer-name} — Customer Name

Job or Estimate

  • {job-name} — job Name
  • {sanum} — sanum
  • {jobnum} — jobnum
  • {altnum} — altnum
  • {document-name} — Document Name


  • {brand-company} — Brand Company
  • {brand-email} — Brand Email
  • {brand-phone} — Brand Phone
  • {brand-fax} — Brand Fax
  • {brand-cell} — Brand Cell
  • {brand-address-1} — Brand Address1
  • {brand-address-2} — Brand Address2
  • {brand-city} — Brand City
  • {brand-state} — Brand State
  • {brand-zip} — Brand Zip
  • {brand-logo} — Brand Logo (TBD)

Main Point of Contact

  • {mpoc-fname} — Main Point of Contact First Name
  • {mpoc-lname} — Main Point of Contact Last Name
  • {mpoc-company} — Main Point of Contact Company
  • {mpoc-title} — Main Point of Contact Title

Another example is the below being used as the subject line configuration -

Review: {project-number} with [{document-name}] for {brand-company}.

Will show up as this within Docusign -

Review: 57938-1-0 with [Monitoring Services Agreement - e] for "Wesuite".

Email Body

The email body setup is a little more intensive. To start, you'll notice within program options that there is a path that is being referenced. If nothing is present, you'll see three dots directing you to your file explorer. Ultimately it is there that you will select your Email Body that you want to use.

The file itself most follow and HTML format. For clients unfamiliar with HTML, we suggest using an online HTML editor (some of which are completely free) such as  -

As an example, using the above link, I typed some generic data into the body -


Clicking on the "Source" button, will provide you with the HTML format of what you typed -


Open notepad, and copy and paste that information into the file. Name it and save it somewhere accessible for the application -


Once that is saved, open up WeEstimate, and locate the referenced Docusign Email Body field within theeSignature Interface. Click on the triple dots and locate your file


Clicking "Open" will include the file into program options for use!




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