WeOpportunity URG Walkthrough and Explaination

This article will walk you through how to setup and use the WeOpportunity URG (Universal Reporting Grid).

Log into WeOpportunity and click on the  "WeOpportunity URG" section under the reports panel.

Once the URG is opened, the user is presented with a number of items on the screen. 

The numbered items correspond to the screenshot above:

  1. Timeline type filter: this will provide a selection of the type of time frame to provide results for:
  2. Data based on timeline type: this section will change based on timeline type chosen:                    
  3. Filters: Based on Lead Status:
  4. View: Selection on how the user would like to view the data. 
  5. Select My Employees: Open to select employees to display results for
  6. Opportunity Summary: Displays the total leads based on Lead Status for the employees chosen above
  7. Opportunity Details: Displays detailed information of leads for employees chosen
    1. Within the Opportunity Details a user is able to filter the data for each detail to then be able to use the "Export to Excel" feature:

Once the above filters are selected, the next step is to generate the data by clicking on the "Refresh" button


The data will generate in two tabs, "Opportunity Summary" and "Opportunity Details."


Opportunity Summary gives you a break down with a few columns and serves as a quick "Summary" of who created what, and the corresponding statuses in each.


Opportunity Details gives a deeper break down of each specific lead and the information that correlates to them. This section supports nearly 50 columns of data!




In addition, each view can individually be exported to excel by clicking on the "Export to Excel" button






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