How to Setup Weighted Forecast in WeEstimate

This guide details how to change the WeEstimate Forecasting Default to use the Weighted Forecast Feature rather than the Standard Forecast.  

Weighted Forecast allows user to create custom Forecast Options, as well as Weight the dollar values of the Estimate Total Outright Sale and Total RMR based on the custom forecast percentages.  



$100,000 Outright Sales with $500/Month 

If using a 50% Weighted Forecast it will Forecast  

$50,000 Outright Sales and $250/Month in the Weighted Forecast URG Fields. 

Instructions below.. 

To set up the use of Weighted Forecast in WeEstimate you must first go to: 

1. Tools --> 2. Program Options --> 3. Forecasting 


Next set your Default Forecasting System to Weighted. 



Next use the 2 Tabs below to set your default Forecast Options.  

“Forecast Setup” allows System Admins to set default “Probable Close Date”, and a Default “Next Action Date”Note: These dates will default based on the Date the Job was created.  


Next create the Weighted Forecast Data List by selecting “Weighted Forecast Items” Tab and then use the Add button to create a list of options.  



Clicking Add will pop up a window to enter a Description and a Value (%) Then Click Save. Repeat to create the entire List.


Use the Remove? To delete. Or click into the Grid description or Percentage to change/edit the options. 

**Please Note: If an option is “In Use” in a Job you will not be able to Remove. So if in the future you want to remove or change, you must change all job using that option and then you can remove.  

Once complete, users will be able to set Forecast within an Estimate at the “Forecast Tab” by selecting Edit. 


Complete the Form and select Save. 


To run a report using your new Weighted Forecast Options, use the WeEstimate URG. Note: for a full guide on how to use the WeEstimate URG watch the reporting videos on the WeSuite Academy


Keep in mind once WeEstimate is set to Default the use of the Weighted Forecast the “Win Chance %” Data Field Option will be removed from the URG and 4 New Columns will be available in the WeEstimate URG.

Weighted Forecast = Description and Percentage

Weighted Sales Total = Weighted Outright Sale Amount

Weighted RMR Total = Weighted RMR Sale Amount

Weighted Annual Total =Weighted Amount of a Forcasted job against the sales user's quota

You will still have Next Action (Date), Next Action Item (Description), and Prob Close Date.


**Please Note: User can edit Prob Close, Weighted Forecast, Next Action, and Next Action Item directly from the URG! Great for Mass Forecasting Update!






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