How to Create a Terms and Conditions Template

This is a  guide on how to create a Terms and Conditions template.  Keep in mind, Terms and Conditions templates are global, so all users will have access to the same template(s) for their proposals.  Only users with the proper Group Rights are allowed to edit Terms and Conditions.  If a change needs to be made to the Terms and Conditions, please talk with your System Administrator.

  1. Navigate to the Documents screen of any job and click on the Terms and Conditions tab.  Once in the Terms and Conditions tab, click on Template Maintenance2024-03-27_16-54-25.png
  2. Click "Add" and the template a name
  3. Type or Copy/Paste your Terms and Conditions into the editor.  When you're done formatting it, press "Save" and enter your password to save the template.2024-03-27_16-55-29.png
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