How to Restore Winning Quote Packages

This is a quick guide to walk you through the process of restoring quote packages back to jobs. 

If you are ever in a situation where you won a job and need to retrieve a version of a quote, there is a way to do this through the system.

The first step is to un-win the job. Since won jobs are "Read Only" they are locked for editing. You must bring the job back to "In-Progress" or equivalent status.

Once that's done, locate the "Quote Packages" tab and expand it. You will see all of the quotes that are attached to this job that where sent along with their corresponding values. 

Once you find the one you'd like to restore, right click on the quote package and select "Synch to Workspace"


Click okay on the pop up and refresh your estimate dashboard. The job will now have the new value.

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