How to Map Site Survey Icons

This guide contains step by step instruction on how to map part thumbnail icons/symbols for use in QuoteAnywhere and the Site Survey.

  1. Drop down the ‘Tools’ menu.
  2. Select ‘Parts Editor’


     3. Within the Part Editor select to the ‘Symbol Mapping’ Tab


WeSuite offers the use of a library of 59 icons (1) with a default description (2) and default condition (3) see below screenshot.


Each icon has a defined default “condition formula” set for each icon/symbol.

A condition is a formula that is programed as a ‘search & find’ function within your parts database. If a match is found that part or group of parts will adopt that icon/symbol.

For the WeSuite QuoteAnywhere and The Site Survey icons/symbols the condition used is specific to finding keywords in the PART DESCRIPTION.

In the above example whenever the word ‘PTZ’ is found in the description of a part this condition will be triggered and this icon/symbol will be mapped.

Each condition must follow the formula. Descr like’%WORD%’ (replace word with the descriptive word you would like to use)

If you use a phase or a combination of words, Example: descr like ’%smoke detector%’  keep in mind the words of the phase must show exactly the same and in the same order or it will not find a match.

         4. To change or add to a condition to better match your own parts database descriptions select the   condition below, and it will auto populate in the edit window above.


To modify the condition there are 2 options available:

Option 1: Change the descriptive word to match your parts database.

Option 2: Add an additional condition to the icon/symbol.

See the examples below..

Option 1: we change the keyword PTZ to ‘pivot tilt zoom’



Option 2: we add a 2nd condition using and descr like ‘%pivot tilt zoom%’


Once you have made your changes select save and the new condition criteria will store below.


Important Note: If you use the WeSuite database for part storage or the accounting database for part storage and you want them to have the same condition you can use the default and modify a single condition under the WeSuite section.

If you want a different condition used for the same icon/symbol for accounting parts. Select the “Alternate criteria for accounting” check box and it will activate the Accounting condition section allowing you to enter an alternate condition for account parts.


In the example above the WeSuite part description is looking for ‘smoke detector’ and the Accounting part description is looking for ‘smoke sensor’.

Keep in mind many users have either a single parts database, or want the same description search for both databases and thus use of this feature is rare.

Instead keep the WeSuite section as descr like '%Smoke sensor%' and descr like '%Smoke sensor%' to capture both keyword instances.


Once all the icons/symbols contain the correct conditions it is time to set an Order of Operations for the conditions and finally complete the mapping. (keep in mind once complete, you may need to return to this section and make small tweaks)

         5. Select the 'Mapping' Tab


The mapping Tab will list all the conditions created on the “configuration tab” they will list in alphabetical order by default. The goal is to put the conditions in the correct order.

By using the ‘Move Up’ or ‘Move Down’ buttons you can set the order sequence of each condition. This will effectively give order/priority to the condition when triggered so the database knows to map that icon to that part when searching for it.


Important to note the system will only look at each condition separately and thus you can overwrite the icons you want if the order isn’t correct.


  1. Create system type sections to help keep you organized.
  2. Have the most broad descriptive words at the top and then as you go down in the sequence it becomes more specific.


In this example above..

The condition for ‘Camera’ triggers 1st and any part with the word ‘camera’ in the part description will get that icon/symbol.

Next the condition ‘dome camera’ triggers 2nd, the database will then search all parts once more and any parts that contain the keyword ‘dome camera’ now will adopt the dome camera icon/symbol that was entered into the series.

Next I want my condition ‘mini dome camera’ to trigger 3rd and finally condition for ‘PTZ’ to trigger 4th

Once you have completed ordering the conditions it is now time to test your sequence. To save your work Select the Map.


Click once, and the system will load you will see a blue circle on your cursor. When complete it will prompt Complete.


To test your icons/symbols open a Job in QuoteAnywhere or Open a Job in WeEstimate and go to the Site Survey Tab.

Example QuoteAnywhere Job Screen or Site Survey Screen:



Example WeEstimate Site Survey Tab:


If successful, the correct icon/symbol will show. If not, return to the Symbol configuration and make changes to the conditions and/or the order of the condition sequence on the Mappings Tab to better suit your database.




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