Release 6.8



29558 – Introduced “Filter On” control for selection of: ‘Created Date’, ‘Last Update Date’, ‘Sold Date’ for the following included application reports: Leads by Count, Leads by Status, Sales Dashboard, Leads by Details. 

Bug Fixes

29900 – Accounting Integration: ISM: Lead Management: Passing Lead Email Notification: When Lead passed the notification email did not include the Address: city, state, and zip code, and notes from ISM.

29962 – Accounting Integration: ISM: Lead Management: Time Zone Incorrect in Email Notification: Time zone for Opportunity created in ISM reflected incorrectly in email notification.

27337 – Global Calendar: Appointments Not Showing on Lead Task & Schedule Calendar: Resolved issue where appointments added to the Global Calendar were not showing within the Task & Schedule tab /calendar in Opportunities.  All Global Calendar appointments for the User now show in Leads.

29406 – Opportunity: RFQ Complete: Incorrect Region & Office WeEstimate: Resolved issue where after saving lead status of ‘RFQ’, the Region and Office of the User was assigned versus the Region and Office selected at the RFQ popup.

29051 – Opportunity: RFQ Lead: System & Job Types at Folder Level: Resolved an issue where selected Job Type and System Type at the ‘RFQ’ popup were assigned at the Job level in WeEstimate however, not defaulted at the Folder level.

28624 – Opportunity: RFQ or Sold Complete: Assign Lead to Pass Group Available: Resolved issue to disallow assignment of Leads to Pass Groups or Offices after ‘RFQ’ or ‘Sold’ stage saved.

29050 – Opportunity: Estimated Sale and RMR Amount Change When Set to Sold: Resolved issue where estimated sale and/or RMR totals would change to show as ‘Actual’ values after status changed to ‘Sold’.  Actual amounts will display as entered.


QuoteAnywhere & the Site Survey 3.0


26588 – ADI Global Part Pricing Integration: ADI Global part pricing integration available. Requires configuration and use of the ADI Global Integration. Utilize to retrieve latest pricing for ADI Global parts included on Jobs. Part pricing check may be completed at the Estimate/Job level, Folder level, or individual Parts level using the Latest Pricing “Retrieve” button. Items on the Bill of Material after using “latest pricing” will indicate vendor (Accounting, ADI, PSA, WeSuite) source as well. Requires configuration and use of the WeSuite ADI Integration.

28039 – DocuSign Integration: Document Screen: ‘Consolidated’ Set as Default:  A Program Option control for eSignature configuration has been added to the DocuSign configuration. ‘DocuSign Use Consolidate mode by Default’.  This will default the setting for signature of multiple documents to be ‘consolidate’ saving time so that Users do not have to make this selection at the Document screen. When the document signing order / signers is different for one or more documents the ‘consolidate’ feature cannot be used, and in those cases the ‘consolidate’ function will not be defaulted.

28700 – Customer Information: Assign Site Address Yields No Results: New Message: when Customer record is without Site or Billing Address(es), a message now shows: ‘No Addresses are associated with this Customer. Click ‘Add a New Address’ above.’

28887 – Customer Information Screen: Contact Search Unique Identifier – email Address: Refined the search criteria for Main Point of Contact to include: First and Last Name and email address to yield more accurate results.  No two contacts can have the same email address.

27471Customer Information Screen: New or Edit Contact: Add Existing Address:  Added the ability to assign an existing address to a new Contact or when editing an existing Contact.  Click “Use Existing Address” to see and select address to utilize.

26440 – Estimate Screen: Bill of Materials: Estimate Totals Show Gross Profit Dollar Amount: the estimated gross profit dollars can be seen after clicking the Estimate level to open the ‘Bill of Materials (BOM)’ panel. Click ‘Totals Info’. The gross profit has been added to the ‘Totals Info’ panel.

27736 / 27310 – Estimate Screen: Edit Chargeable Items Name and Description in Folder: when adding Chargeable Items, including “Subcontractors”, to jobs / estimates, the Chargeable Item Name and Description may be edited within the Folder.  Editing rights are controlled via User Rights configured in WeEstimate, Systems Configuration, User, Grid Rights. 

27313Estimate Screen: Edit Part Level Labor Hours and Labor Types: Part level labor may be edited as follows: a) quantity of hours assigned per part; b) change or add type of labor and hours per part. Requires User Rights for editing part level labor and labor categories set in WeEstimate.

26593 – Estimate Screen: Get Latest Pricing: The ‘Get Latest Pricing’ feature is enabled at the Estimate screen: Job level, Folder level, Parts level. The ‘Retrieve Pricing’ button presents a drop-down selection for the part source to be searched for latest pricing. For ADI Global, part pricing selecting may be only for those part prices lower than what is on the estimate, or special discount pricing. ADI Global parts offered at discount indicate date when discount part pricing is over. Discount part pricing is a feature that requires configuration to show. ADI Global part pricing integration, and PSA Security part pricing require configuration and use of the WeSuite ADI Global and/or PSA Integration.

28118 – Estimate Screen: Labor Items: Edit Hourly Sell Rate: after adding Labor to Jobs / Estimates, the hourly Labor Sell rate can be edited at the ‘Edit Item’ panel. Requires User Rights configured at User level in System Configuration.

27466 – Estimate Screen: Labor Items: Enter Negative Hours: users can enter a negative value for hours to be included on the job / estimate for the Labor Category.  This to allow removal or lowering of specific labor hours. Adjusted labor hours will show at the line item on the job / estimate screen.

27617Estimate Screen: Packages: Select Billing Frequency: The Billing Frequency selection is available for change / editing when adding Packages to Jobs.

27476 Estimate Screen: Services: ‘RMR’ / Service Item Default Values: RMR / Service item default values for Billing Frequency, Term, and Quantity show and are editable when adding the RMR / Service items to Folders.

29139 – Finance Lease Module: Lease tab: ‘Lease Discount Field’ Added at Lease Summary: Introduced the “Lease Discount” field to show at the ‘Lease Summary’ area of the Lease screen. The Finance Lease Add-On Module must be licensed for use and requires lease option configuration in WeEstimate. 

27109 Packages: Mixed Service Term Length Details: For Packages that include mixed Service Term lengths for included Service Items, the word “Mixed” will show at the Package Level Term Length to indicate that more than one term length exists in the Package.

27053 Sale Status Screen: Status: In Negotiation: Read Only Information Fields: Enabled ‘Read Only’ mode for information fields after Quote Packages are ‘In Negotiation’ status.

27292 – Sales Project and Customer Information Screen: Added Record Source:  Added indication of record ‘Source” (i.e., WeSuite or Accounting, including accounting record ID if known) to show for Customer, Site / Billing Address, and Contacts search results at the Project Search and Estimate levels.

27205 – Sales Project Screen: Change Order Indication: Added indication of ‘Change Order’ (vs Estimate) at Sales Project screen to help distinguish between Change Orders and Estimates.

27330Sale Status Screen: Forecast Selection Added: Introduced ability to forecast the job.    Forecast format, ‘standard’ or ‘weighted’ will follow the configuration set in WeEstimate. Forecast totals calculate after saving selections.

Bug Fixes

29718 – Document Screen: DocuSign Email Invitation Error: Resolved issue where sending DocuSign invitations via email would fail due to unrecognized DocuSign URL.



28566 – Accounting Integration: Infor ISM: Estimate Screen: Status Codes: Implemented job status codes to appear on the job Estimate screen to indicate job status for export to ISM.

26779Accounting Integration: MangeLY by Bold Group: introduced integration of ManageLY. Specific ‘read’ and ‘write’ data fields will be provided upon request.

26596 – Dashboard Screen: Copy Quote Package: Current Job Name: Introduced a revision to the name of copied Quote Packages. The name of the copied Quote Package will show vs the original job name.

30924 – Database Audit: Date & Time Stamp for Part Unit Cost Change: Enhanced functionality for part cost changes within the WeEstimate audit system to time/date stamp part cost changes within jobs, in the database. The first time/date stamp applies when a part is added to the job. If a part cost is manually updated within the job (requires User Right), or the ‘get latest price’ tool is utilized, the time/date of the updated cost is recorded in the database.

29253 – DocuSign Integration: Custom Email Template Additional Database Tags Introduced:  using the WeSuite feature enabling creation of custom email body templates within WeSuite for use with DocuSign integration, additional database tags are introduced for Main Point of Contact as follows:

First Name {Mpoc-Fname}

Last Name {Mpoc-Lname}

Company {Mpoc-Company}

Title {Mpoc-Title}

Example: Dear {Mpoc-Fname} where the first name of the Main Point of Contact will auto-fill.

29246 – DocuSign Integration: Office Level ‘Branded’ Custom Email Templates: Introduced creation of ‘Brands’ within WeEstimate to enable creation of Brand customized email templates (created in WeEstimate) for sending DocuSign invitations. The email template is assigned at the Office level and relies on the ‘quoting’ office. This feature enables a ‘Master’ company brand and additional company brands at the Region and Office levels.  (i.e., Company is ACME Alarm. At Office: New York, the Brand is ‘Inspire by ACME Alarms’).

27561 – Fixed Price Contracts Module: Program Options: Contract Configuration: Contract Source Only Pricing Contracts: Introduced a configuration option that will not show the Accounting tab on the Estimate Screen for ‘Contract Source Only’ pricing contracts.

25286 – Fixed Price Contracts Module: System Configuration: Group Rights: New Group Right: Selection of Contract by Group: Added a new group right to enable selection of Fixed Price Contracts by Group.  Requires use of Fixed Price Contracts Module.

27821 – Program Options: New ‘Brand’ Feature: Introduced new feature that allows configuration of ‘Brands’ for use within WeSuite.  ‘Brands’ allows definition of one or multiple Brands under the primary WeSuite Client entity.  Brands can be assigned at the Region or Office level and utilized to customize email templates sent from DocuSign, and/or proposal and contract documents within WeSuite.  Brands may define additional entity names (i.e., DBA ACME Alarms) and logos.  See the Knowledge Base article at and WeSuite ‘Brand’ Guide for more information.

25156 – Quote to Contractor Module: WeSuite Document Editor Now Available: the WeSuite Document Editor is available for use within the Quote To Contractor Module.  The addition of the WeSuite Document Editor enables creation of Quote to Contractor proposal documents that utilize the features of the WeSuite Document Editor. Requires creation and programming of a new proposal document utilizing the WeSuite Document Editor.  For more information contact or your Account Executive!

28176 System Configuration: New Group Right: Global Edit/Creation of Terms & Conditions Templates: A new Group Right, “Allow Create and Modify T&C Templates”, is available in System Configuration. This Group Right enables the creation or modification of the Terms and Conditions Proposal templates globally (for all system users). This is a separate Group Right from “Edit Job Terms and Conditions” which enables Users to edit the selected Terms and Conditions template specific to the current job only.

Bug Fixes

29235 – Accounting Integration: QuickBooks: Estimate Screen: Get Latest Pricing ‘Vendor’ Selection Error: Resolved issue where selection of a group of parts, use of ‘Get Latest Pricing’, and selection of the ‘Vendor’ dropdown, resulted in an error.

28169 – Accounting Integration: SAP Business by Design: Dashboard Screen: Assign/Create Job Under Different User: Resolved issue where reassigning Jobs to a different User’s BIN, showed incorrect Job owner.

28503 – Accounting Integration: SAP Business by Design: Estimate Screen: Accounting Exception Check Error Jobs with RMR: Resolved issue where won Jobs that included RMR value resulted in error at the Accounting Exception check.

28139 – Accounting Integration: SAP Business By Design: Estimate Screen: Get Latest Pricing  Error for Deleted Accounting Part: Resolved issue when ‘Get Latest Pricing’ utilized on a part that had been deleted in the accounting database, resulted in an error instead of indicating that part pricing could not be updated.

28231 – Accounting Integration: SedonaOffice: Associated Parts with Accounting Labor: Resolved issue where parts with assigned labor utilizing the WeSuite ‘Associated Parts’ feature, would not include the labor units on jobs.

27844 – Accounting Integration: SedonaOffice: Estimate Screen: Accounting Exception Check: Existing Systems: Resolved issue where selection of an existing ‘System Type’ at the ‘Existing Systems’ dropdown during the ‘Accounting Exception Check’ resulted in an error.

23972 – Accounting Integration: SedonaOffice: Estimate Screen: Completion of Accounting Export Time/Date Stamp: Resolved issue where completion of the ‘Accounting Import’ with SedonaOffice, the date in SedonaOffice reflected date the estimate was put into the ‘Accounting Export’ queue instead of the completion of export time/date stamp.

28289 – Automated Approval Module: System Configuration: Deleting Approval Systems for User with Region Priority: Resolved issue where deleting an Approval System from a User with assisted Region priority resulted in an error where jobs would retain the deleted Approval System Identifier.

28433 – Automated Approvals Module: System Configuration: Labor Category Criteria: Resolved issue where Labor Category approval ‘criteria’ within an Approval System resulted in an error.

28347 – DocuSign Integration: System Configuration: Account Name vs Associated User: Resolved issue where DocuSign invitations showed the primary account name versus the associated DocuSign User’s name as configured in User Configuration.

27488 – Commission Management Module: System Configuration: Payment on Material Gross Profit Margin: Resolved issue where a commission payment rule based on ‘Material Gross Profit Margin’, the estimated commission calculation would be based on the lowest material gross profit margin at the Folder level, versus the overall material gross profit margin percentage on the Job / estimate.

28716 – Document Screen: Marking Quote Package ‘Sent’ for Jobs with Folder Level 2/3 Resulted in Incorrect Folder Totals: Resolved issue for jobs configured with Level 2 or 3 Folders where after Quote Packages marked as ‘sent’ and jobs included multiple folder levels, the highest Folder level would retain values on only the ‘parent’ Folder.

28709 – Document Screen: Proposal - WeSuite Document Editor: Scope of Work Text Not Showing Correctly: Resolved issue where the ‘Scope of Work’ text displayed improperly unless the quote was regenerated.

28293 – Document Screen: Proposal – WeSuite Document Editor: Level 2/3 Folder Jobs with ‘Options’ Not Showing as Separate Option Totals: Resolved issue where Level 2 / 3 Jobs with Folders set as ‘options’ / ‘Print on Document’ included the ‘option’ Folder totals within the Investment instead of below the Outright Sale totals.

29591 – Estimate Screen: Chargeable Item Calculation: Resolved an isolated issue where Chargeable Item included on Jobs did not calculate properly.

29490 – Estimate Screen: Configuration Tab: Burden Field: Resolved issue where ‘burden’ set at the Region level was not calculating properly in the ‘Current $’ field after Job refresh.

29634 – Estimate Screen: Contact Assigned to Wrong Customer: Resolved issue where after Quote Package sent for electronic signature, returning to the job the following day would assign a different Customer from an existing Job.

30783 – Estimate Screen: Copy Job: Owner of Job: Resolved issue where copying jobs on behalf of another User, would reassign ownership of the copied Job to the User who copied it.

28100 – Estimate Screen: Folder Showing No Parts after Deletion of Multiple Parts: Resolved issue where when deleting multiple parts from a Folder, the Bill of Materials list for that Folder showed no parts until a new part was added to the Folder.

29201 – Estimate Screen: Folder Level 2 & 3 Jobs: Material Positioning After Job Close/Reopen & Folder Deletion: Resolved issue for Folder Level 2 and 3 Jobs where material items that were ordered in the Bill of Material ‘Position’ column would lose positioning after jobs were closed and reopened and a Folder was deleted.

27916 – Estimate screen: Folder Level 3 Jobs: Tax Calculation “Cost & Sell’ Error: Resolved issue where for Folder Level 3 jobs, the tax calculation doubled when set to calculate tax as ‘Cost & Sell’.

28319 – Estimate Screen: Get Latest Pricing: One Time & Discontinued Parts: Resolved issue where after multiple parts were selected for ‘Get Latest Pricing’ and the job included one-time or discontinued parts, the one time and discontinued would ‘zero’ out.  Discontinued and one-time parts on jobs will be ignored when ‘Get Latest Pricing’ is utilized.

28007 – Estimate Screen: Manufacturer Part Number Not Displaying in Bill of Materials: Resolved issue where manufacturer part numbers were not displaying in the Bill of Materials after parts (that include manufacturer part numbers) were added to jobs.

28715 – Estimate Screen: Material Burden Doubling: Resolved issue where if a ‘Material Burden’ was configured, the burdened cost was being added to the job and an additional burden.

30273 – Estimate Screen: Part Search Special Characters: Resolved issue where parts search was not recognizing special characters. Part search now accounts for special characters.

28066 – Estimate Screen: Part Timing Cost Color: Resolved issue where if part cost update occurred on estimates/jobs older than the configured ‘Part Timing’ date range, the cost background color did not change to reflect the color.

28008 – Estimate Screen: Project Level Labor not showing after ‘Auto Calculate Labor’ Selected: Resolved issue where Project Level labor on the job was removed after selecting the ‘Auto Calculate Labor’ and then clicking the ‘Project Level Labor’ button.

30667 – Estimate Screen: Won Job: Change Labor Rates by Region: Resolved issue where reopening ‘won’ jobs, Users could ‘Change Labor Rates by Region’ in the Labor grid. This is now disabled.

28018 – Fixed Price Contracts Module: Estimate Screen: Contract Part Price Not Showing When Also Open Market Part: Resolved issue where open market parts that also are part of a Fixed Price Contract did not show the Fixed Price Contract part price at the Bill of Materials.

28171 – Fixed Price Contract Module: Parts Editor: Validation Error When Updating Part Price: Resolved ‘validation’ error resulting when updating the sell price of contract parts in the WeSuite Parts Editor.

28125 – Fixed Price Contract Module: Group Right ‘Contract Price Override’ not Allowing User to Change Part Sell Price on Estimate: Resolved issue where changing the ‘sell price’ for parts on estimates using a Fixed Price Contract, the system would not allow price modification by Users with the Group Right ‘Contract Price Override’ enabled.

29426 – Program Options: When No E-Signature System Error at System Configuration: Resolved issue when e-signature interface was set to ‘none’ an error resulted after clicking on ‘System Configuration’ tab.

27938 – System Configuration: User Configuration: Bill of Material Grid Rights: ‘Mrkdn’ Main Row Unchecked: Resolved issue where although the ‘Mrkdn’ column at the User level Bill of Materials grid, Main Row was unchecked, changing the part level gross profit margin resulted in an error.

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