How To Create A Job In QuoteAnywhere

This article will cover the basics on how to create a job within QuoteAnywhere.

Once logged in, click on the "New Sales Project" button on the top right corner.


Clicking that will direct you to the "Project Details" screen. Anything with a red asterisk is a required field.


Assign the customer by either searching or creating one. Give the project and estimate a name (project is your bin name and estimate is your job name). Once those are chosen, fill out any optional fields you might have (Job/System Type) and click "Create" to view the job.


Once you click "Create" you will be directed to the job interface. On the left side of the screen, there is the order of moving through the job stages to help keep you organized.


First is Customer Info. On this screen, things such as Site/Billing Address and Contact information will be assigned. This can be done by clicking on any of the "Assign" buttons and either searching for existing or creating new ones.


The next section is "Estimate." This screen is the heart of the project and where you will add items to your job/quote. By clicking on the folder (all jobs will have "Estimate" as a default), you will see the ability to rename the folder, the headers that contain the folder information and pricing and lastly, the "Add New Item Section"


To add an item to the quote, simply click on the category. In this example, we will click on "Materials." Clicking on Materials opens your system inventory and you will be able to sort by Favorites, Accounting and WeSuite items. Find the item that you'd like to add and click on it. You can set things here such as pricing, quantity and labor. Once ready, click on "Add"


Once your items are added, the next piece to work on is your document! QuoteAnywhere will take your preferred settings and default options for things such as cover letter, scope of work and checkboxes. At any point you can preview your document, add contracts or change your settings. If you utilize any of the E-Sign integrations or want to email the customer 


To customize your document, click on the arrow to the right of the quote package to expand your options and click "Configure"

2024-05-29_10-00-55.pngFrom here you can change your defaults and configure the document items you would like to display from your customer.

2024-05-29_10-01-45.pngOnce completed, the final step is the "Sale Status" section. From here you can change your status, add a change order (Pending the job is won) and make any last minute adjustments to your job information.


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