Understanding RCM/Lease In QuoteAnywhere

This article will cover the basics on how to add leasing to your job within QuoteAnywhere.

Once a job is opened, lease can be controlled by clicking on the "RCM/Lease" menu button on the left side of the screen. Once clicked, locate and select the "Select Lease Configuration" layout button.


When clicking on the configuration button, the system will open all of your current lease options within your system. Please note, to configure and add lease systems, you will need to open them within WeEstimate.


The tab arrow can be clicked to expand the plan and see the calculation.


When ready, click on the "select" button to add the lease system to your job. Once selected, the below interface will open.


From here, you can switch the lease configuration to a different plan, reset the lease calculations, change any specifics and edit the plan.

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