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This article will walk through the interface of the document menu within QuoteAnywhere. The document menu is the 5th option from the left side of the screen.


Within "Document" you will see a few different menu options.


Email Document/Start eSign Process - These options are designed to help get your quote out to the customer.


Clicking "Email Document" will allow you to send the quote out to the customer (as well as any others) along with the ability to add a subject, pull from a template and type out a custom body. You can also choose which documents to send.


Clicking "Start eSign Process" will open up your eSign interface (given that it is set up) and allow you to chose your documents and the recipients to sign. Clicking "Sign Documents" will send the document out to the customer through the respective portal. 


Preview Full Document - By clicking this button, you can view your document and see how it looks at this point. This will open the document in a new tab.

Proposal Document - When clicking the expand arrow you can preview just the proposal, chose to export it or click the "configure" tab to check templates and your document tree.


Add Contract -  If your organization has contracts , you can click this button to add them to your quote.



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