Templates Within QuoteAnywhere

This article will cover how to set up and configure templates within QuoteAnywhere. The most important thing to note to start is as of writing this article, templates can only be created within WeEstimate. However, this article will assume these are already in place.

Within the document screen, click on the drop down arrow and select "configure." This will allow you to interact with the document settings through the "Proposal Configuration" section.


Within the "Proposal Configuration" section, you will have the ability to Add, Edit, Remove or configure proposal options.


Template Configuration - Template configuration allows you to select and control which document pages and items you want to display on your proposal. By clicking "configure" you will have the ability to toggle on or off as well as enable or disable certain pages or items. When complete, click on "Save." Any templates you already created for your proposal will be saved and will be selectable.


Customize Text Content -  This section controls items such as cover letter and scope of work. If you created templates within WeEstimate and saved them as your defaults, they will show here. If not, you can either edit a current template, remove what is currently saved, or add one.


For example, let's try clicking "add" on our cover letter. Within this interface, we can either select from a template or type free hand into the white grid.


Clicking "assign template content" will direct us to our template list for cover letters. Simply click on the template you'd like to use and it will populate within the grid. Once ready, click on "Save" to save the content and proceed



The other sections such as "Scope of Work" all function the same way. You have the ability to create from scratch or use what you have from WeEstimate.

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