Sale Status Tab

Sale Status is the final tab on the job menu within QuoteAnywhere. It serves as a way to wrap up your quote with information, forcasting and the job status.


Each job will have a stage progress bar at the top. It will always show the current stage of the job and how far along that stage is to completion. You can also add a change order through this interface once the job is marked as won.


The stage can be changed by clicking the "Change to" drop down.


Below the stage progress bar, there is the "Miscellaneous" section. Here you can select items such as Job, System Type, Market as well as an Engineer. If this job came from a lead in WeOpportunity, the Lead ID will be populated.


Lastly, there is the "Forecast" section. This section contains your systems forecast settings (Standard or Weighted) as well as key metrics about the job. By clicking the drop down arrow, you will have the ability to expand the view as well as configure it.


By clicking "configure," you will have the ability to make edits to the forecast information.


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