Bug Fixes

#10046 - Fixed an issue where selecting all employees was not refreshing when changing the view in the WeOpportunity URG

#9941 - Fixed an issue where the selected URG view shows a 'blank' result when no view was saved for the logged in user within the WeOpportunity URG



Bug Fixes

#11666 - Resolved an issue with duplicate program options

#11140 - Fixed an issue where the RMR item didn't take/accept the job type/system type the folder was set to

#11317 - Resolved issues related to missing permissions to certain functions within the application

#11315 - Fixed an issue where the 'Default Phase' does not save

#11225 - Fixed an issue where error would populate when selecting 'New Project' if you have 'My Employees' set as the first group on the Dashboard

#9728 - Fixed an issue where when creating a pricing contract, the material burden would mimic the value the default GPM is set to


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