Resolved Bugs

18713 - Resolved an issue where upon job creation, the type of sale you selected when creating the job would not carry over in the 'Status' tab on the job #9741

18684 - Resolved an issue with using the 'Doc Editor' proposal template on the document screen if the latest Crystal Runtimes were not installed #9685

11509 - Resolved an issue where you could not select 'Send to Customer' when 'Send SMTP to Self' program option is set to 'True' and the contact does not have an email address #5764



Resolved Bugs

18595 - Resolved an issue with RFQ'ing a lead that is to be created in QA G2.0 #9647

18011 - Resolved an issue where validation of a new opportunity's email address does not occur if the user setting option is not required #9367

17595 - Resolved an issue where if you had an apostrophe in the name of a lead you were passing, an error was thrown #9264


QuoteAnywhere G2.0

Resolved Bugs

18672 - Resolved an issue where you were able to delete a quote package even if it had already been sent #9698

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