12242 - Change Quote AnyWhere from two words to one Word in dropdown when RFQ'ing a lead

12069 - Change My Settings description for Brief Mode

Bug Fixes

12024 - Fixed issue with WeOpportunity URG not loading

11231 - Fixed an issue with the dropdown menus and selected dates when adding a new task 



Bug Fixes

11975 - Resolved an issue where an error would occur if your search criteria included single quotes ('') for Custom Text items [#6194]

11928 - Resolved an issue with the commission plan only accepting the highest RMR value associated with it if you had multiple RMR values [#6090]

11899 - Resolved an issue with the GPM Even Adjust not calculating properly when there was tax on Materials [#6123]

11896 - Resolved an issue where it was not removing invalid rows when trying to use the part import directly into a folder [#6136]

11893 - Resolved an issue where you could not rename a level 1 folder on a level 3 job

11885 - Resolved an issue with position field being set to zero when parts are dragged into a folder [#6134]

11883 - Resolved a refresh issue when renaming folders on a folder level 3 job [#6138]

11841 - Resolved an issue with opening older jobs that had next action item records associated with it [#6118]

11669 - Resolved an issue with jobs not notifying the user of unmapped parts to Sedona [#5983]

11643 - Resolved an issue where advanced tax material tax was not updating in the respective database field [#5974]

11474 - Resolved an issue with an error 'Data is Null' appearing on jobs when generating a quote package that was flagged as won and had a sent quote package [#5873]

11360 - Resolved issues related to the advanced tax module [#5637]

11315 - Resolved an issue where the default phase was not saving that is setup within Accounting Interface [#5735]

11225 - Resolved an issue when clicking on 'New Project' if you had our dashboard organized as the following: [#5689]

-My Employees

-My Proposals

-My Customers

11135 - Resolved a refresh issue with the chargeable item tax amount percentage for those who have the advanced tax module [#5637]


12276 - Resolved an issue where a part icon was not being added to the canvas.

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