19875 - Within Office Settings, the 'Proposal Due Date' field can no longer be edited to be deleted #11203

Bug Fixes

20386 - Resolved: RFQ'ing a lead into WeEstimate would not automatically create a quote package on the job #11691

19232 - Resolved: When sending a message with information on a lead, error message resulted #10462

18328 - Resolved: Pass groups in Data Lists were capped at 10 entries and would not save additional entries #9575


New Features

Ability to set the DocuSign invite email to the WeEstimate user instead of using an email group or individual user account

Bug Fixes

20837 - Resolved: Systems set to have jobs use Project Level Labor would not carry over labor properly on the job #12326

20826 - Resolved: Adding a part to the job when 'Auto-Calculate Labor' is turned off would clear out the labor #12327

20740 - Resolved: Could not copy a part with a quantity less than 1 #12224

20671 - Resolved: Materials on a job were removed after the job was won if the system is not connected to an accounting environment #12013

20631 - Resolved: Isolated issue with the Hubspot integration in WeOpportunity not synching #12121

20501 - Resolved: Part search on the Estimate screen was not alphabetical #11931

20163 - Resolved: Cut sheets setup in 'Parts Editor' were not transferring over onto the job #11532

20082 - Resolved: Could not change the term period for Quarters in Program Options #11425

19877 - Resolved: Selecting a Pricing Contract when creating a new job would lock down the office when it should only lockdown the region #11225

19512 - Resolved: Could not export documents to Sedona if using the Sedona API integration #10481

19248 - Resolved: Generating the contractor proposal resulted in an error #10490

QuoteAnywhere G2.0 & SiteSurvey

Bug Fixes

20838 - Resolved: Jobs created in QA used the job name for the project name instead of using the customer name #12350

20511 - Resolved: Could not add RMR items coming from Accounting on the Job screen #11961

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