Configuring Data Points

Data points are used to store information about specific Customers or Contacts in WeOpportunity. The data point fields are completely customizable, so you can capture any information you find important.  Also, displaying data points is controlled individually through each user's settings, so each user can display whichever data points they want to see.  Here are the steps to configure data points in WeOpportunity.

  1. Go to Settings -> Data Points.
  2. To add a new Data Point, click "Add new record"Screenshot_2021-02-08_131113.jpg
  3. Enter the required fields in the window that opens.
  4. Check "Update Allowed" to make sure users can edit the data point.
  5. Control Type is used to control what the user can enter into the data point.  Ex: Text Box allows users to type text where NumericBox only allows numbers entered.
    • You can also set a default value for the data point. Once the data point has been configured, you need to set it to display for your user.Screenshot_2021-02-08_131211.jpg
  6. Click on your name in the top right corner and go to My Settings
  7. Go to Dashboard Settings -> Data Points.
  8. In the Data Points menu, you can choose what data points display and in what orderScreenshot_2021-02-08_131319.jpg
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