Bug Fixes

20542 - Resolved: People Manager was not displaying users

18863 - Resolved: Within a lead if you were to add a task in the 'Task & Schedule' tab, the task would not populate as intended on the specified database table #9953


Bug Fixes

20622 - Resolved: Scope of Work was overwritten after the quote package was flagged as sent to the customer #12102

20477 - Resolved: When using a custom data list with a default value set, you received an error when creating a quote package #11802

20224 - Resolved: Error when adding and immediately deleting accounting parts to a job #11476

19895 - Resolved: Searching for customers would not always populate the correct site address associated to that customer #11266

19856 - Resolved: Users were able to edit Licensing even when the 'Edit' tab was not selected or they did not have the rights to do so #11187

19824 - Resolved: Misspelling in the accounting exception check #11135

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