Bug Fixes

20543 - Resolved: People Manager was not displaying users in the system correctly

20385 - Resolved: Could not add a site address in some cases when RFQ'ing a lead #11682

20165 - Resolved: isolated issue where user could not access the Global Calendar & Task/Schedule #11535


Bug Fixes

20622 - Resolved: The scope of work was getting overwritten when the quote package it was associated to was flagged as sent to the customer #12102

20436 - Resolved: Opening a quote package on a won job from the dashboard resulted in an error due to the date the job was flagged as won not setting the won date correctly #11680

20323 - Resolved: When a PSA part was added to the job, it was using the Default Markup on the job rather than the region's default GPM #11530

20261 - Resolved: When the checkbox 'Have system auto-create quote document when winning job' was selected in 'My Settings,' upon flagging a job as 'Won,' it would remove the any logs/actions within the 'Accounting' tab of the job #11617

20209 - Resolved: Within program options, when entering a new job prompt in 'Appearances' < 'Custom Labels' it would never permanently save the new value and it would populate as empty on the job #11575

20133 - Resolved: Selecting checkboxes within a contract would not save the ones you selected upon generating the contract for an additional time with new selections, it would retain only what you originally selected unless you changed it to a different contract #11487

QuoteAnywhere G2.0 & SiteSurvey

Bug Fixes

20207 - Resolved: Could not right-click to populate the 'Rename' and 'Delete' options for a folder on 7th generation iPads with a 10.5'' display #11510

19612 - Resolved: Isolated issue where the 'Document' screen would not open for a client #10829

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