Bug Fixes

20483 - Resolved: Copying a job resulted in an error with the inability to open a job #11902

20449 - Resolved: ‘Configuration’ tab in the job was not saving values entered by the user #11834

20435 - Resolved: Proposal and sub-report documents were not getting attached to Supporting Documents after winning a job #11774

20420 - Resolved: Labor on a job that was not mapped to Sedona would not appear within the accounting exception check upon attempting to import the job when it should #11780

20143 - Resolved: DocuSign contract would not send out and unchecking the 'Merge/Document/Contract Recipients' checkbox and selecting a document would trigger an irrelevant popup message #11514

20132 - Resolved: Isolated issue for a client where a custom data list item was not populating on the document #11482

19876 - Resolved: Changing the job to a 'Won' status would not take the job out of 'Read Only' mode #11228

18965 - Resolved: Cannot generate the general contractor proposal document #18956

QuoteAnywhere G2.0 & SiteSurvey


20110 - Scroll, click and drag functions refactored for iPad Air 2 devices

Bug Fixes

18310 - Resolved: Custom item drop down on the Document screen not registering the selected template after the job was closed or the user navigated to a different screen #9671

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