Bug Fixes

19790 - Resolved: Creating a view in the WeOpportunity Universal Report Grid would not save the 'Month' filter applied in that view #11121

19669 - Resolved: Within the 'Maps' tool, the size of the 'Opportunity Filters' pins were not equivalent to the size of the 'Prospect' pins #10946



Removed Features

'Explorer View' on the Estimate screen that allowed for categorizing by Windows folders instead of dropdown folders


Bug Fixes

20449 - Resolved: 'Configuration' tab in the job was not saving values entered by the user #11834

20422 - Resolved: 'System Type' and 'Job Type' were not carrying over properly to Sedona when a job was imported #11780

20421 - Resolved: 'Labor tasks' were not carrying over properly into Sedona when a job was imported #11780

20387 - Resolved: Accounting parts with a material burden under a standard cost accounting system had a unit cost that was less than the actual cost #11683

20384 - Resolved: Internal issue related to using the new document editor #11685

20345 - Resolved: Labor doubling when adjusting quantity of labor on a job if the auto-calculate labor feature is turned off #11677

20341 - Resolved: Terms & Conditions templates getting unselected if you navigated to a different tab in the Document screen of a job #11761

20092 - Resolved: Could not send a proposal or contract document separately for electronic signature, they had to be merged in order to send #11452

19969 - Resolved: Searching for an accounting customer in an SAP integrated environment resulted in an error #11315

19869- Resolved: Could not create a new job on initial deployment of a new client #11202

19850- Resolved: Newly created Terms & Conditions template was not automatically being made global for use by all users #11178

19842 - Resolved: PSA parts that contained a '-' character in the description were not automatically being updated by the service running everyday on the server #11147

19666 - Resolved: Removed the 'Term' column in the Parts Editor and corrected an issue with editing the color of the part #10986

19624 - Resolved: Could not edit the class of a chargeable item to belong to a different class #10922

19607 - Resolved: Search results when searching for a customer in the 'New Project' screen are alphabetical, but they did not remain alphabetical when selecting the site & billing addresses #10910

19263 - Resolved: Default that is set for the 'Cover Letter' within the Document screen was not populating correctly for users and would instead revert to the original template on a new job #7850

19209 - Resolved: Canned reports, e.g. 'Top 10 Salespersons' or 'Win-Regions,' were not generating correctly #10435

18789 - Resolved: Templates within 'Terms & Conditions' of the Document screen were not displaying correctly and were instead showing as 'Email' templates #9861


QuoteAnywhere G2.0 & SiteSurvey

Bug Fixes

20081 - Resolved: Parts icons not displaying in the search results, only populated within the canvas #11355

19687 - Resolved: RMR value was not updating correctly in WeEstimate when the value was changed on that job in QuoteAnywhere G2.0 #10985

18310 - Resolved: Custom item drop down on the Document screen not registering the selected template after the job was closed or the user navigated to a different screen #9671

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